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For frequent visitors of the site who want to see what has changed since their last visit. Also, if you've asked for a lyrics correction from me on the forum, this'll confirm that change.

Recent page additions/updates (newest first):

Rest In Peace to Patrick Taormina a.k.a SactownConnection a.k.a Pmuny. The creator of this website - he painstakingly put together this website to document the history of People Under The Stairs and personally transcribed their lyrics. We sadly lost Pat in June 2016 and will miss him as the keystone of the P Army.
In June 2017 we have been able to get The Point of The Rhyme back online. Overwhelming gratitude and thanks to Beaugeste for archiving the original site, re-implemented by YoYoPo.

Added album page, lyrics pages, and updated cross-references for Step 2 of The Gettin' Off Stage.

Early 2016 (forgot to add a note here 'til later):
Added album page, lyrics pages, and updated cross-references for Step 1 of The Gettin' Off Stage.

BIG UPDATE: Transitioned most weblinks and banners from the (now-defunct) PL70 website over to the new PUTS website (still need to get rid of the "BUY NOW" ones though), made a number of link & graphics edits to the main page and side bars, split off the compilation albums from the 10 "official" albums, made a page for the incremental American Men Vol. 2 Soundcloud release, and transcribed the first AMV2 track, released today. Next up on the list (I hope): stay tuned for lyrics to Family Circus & 10 Years of Thes One. I'm also planning on relacing the "BUY NOW" PL70 links with iTunes/Amazon Music/Google Play links.

Added album page and updated cross-references after The Gettin' Off Stage announcement. Will update with actual lyrics pages once the album's released!

Added album page and updated cross-references for the Live LP, Big Sky Shakedown.

Added album pages for Where The Piecelock Ends and The Family Circus mix tapes. I plan on doing lyrics pages and adding the songs to the song list (at a later date) to keep them consistent with the Xmas beat tape, etc.

Added two more recently-released tracks unrelated to albums: Summer Nights (by Kat O1O feat. PUTS) and Boots In The Pool (Thes One - Wonderful Radio Remix) (by DJ Day feat. Thes One).

May 2014:
Transcribed and added all 12 Step Program album lyrics, along with lyrics and associated pages for "Holiday Party" and "12SP Commercial". Even managed to have Thes One personally verify the 12SP lyrics through "The Strand" (working on having him check the others...). Still haven't finished 10YOTO stuff.

Added 12 Step Program album page ahead of release date (and related links around site). Will update upon album release. (And will try to get the rest of 10 Years of Thes One in the meantime...)

Week of 02/16/14:
Added Thes' University of Oregon lecture link to the main page. It had been on the site, but not linked to anything yet, but it's off the main page now. Enjoy!

Added 10 Years Of Thes One box set album page to the solo releases list for Thes One. Not fully completed yet.

Added a note to the American Men, Vol. 1 page regarding the actual number of album pressings made (in an interview with Oliver Wang from August 2011, Thes One claims that much less than 1000 copies were made).

Changed the "like Mr. Cooper, yo, we hangin'" reference at the bottom of the Acid Raindrops page. (Thanks to Stankbomber for pointin' that one out!!!)

Added pages for the promo 7" single The Mop and it's associated track The Mop.
Added YouTube audio clips to the November 2011 interview pages: San Francisco & Oakland

Added functionality to the website to aid users in adding comments, lyrics changes, and whatever other madness they feel like contributing.

Added a "Final note on samples" to the About This Site page to help clarify why song sample lists are not included on this site.

Added this site updates page.

Added the 11/10/11 After-show Interview in Oakland

Added the 11/01/11 Backstage Interview in S.F.

Recent lyric corrections (newest first):

Updated Suite For Creeper:
(Source: My man, OXOTHNK, teaching me proper warfare terminology... thanks, homie!)
     Night-glasses in place, put the caps in the vase, Austrian Snow Camo (from "Camel")
     Buckled on the gas mask, threw the flash through the glass window (from "flask")

Updated 1 Up Til Sun Up:
(Source: Acapellas recorded for Vintage King website promo)
     A few lyrics in the first verse needed minor tweaking.

Updated The Turndown:
(Source: The forum homie thebigdes99; thanks for the español help out!)
     Claro que si", that's how it should be (from "Plato que", see" that's how it should be)

In addition to adding 12 Step Program lyrics, I've also started going through all the songs again in the past few days, starting from A, just to see if I can catch some lyrics changes. I've gone from 1 Up Til Sun Up through to Ambien Hallway Music, and I've caught a few changes in a lot of the tracks! I'll be continuing over the next few weeks.
(Source: Random catches while listening at work...)

Week of 02/16/14:
Updated Pulp Fiction and Yehaw Partystyles:
(Source: Better understandind in general that I've obtained though updating PUTS Wikipedia articles.)
     Pulp Fiction: remember Red Dots, fool? (from "red dice")
     Yehaw Partystyles: the line about "cipher punks" and the line about "Roger Troutman"

Updated Tour Guide, Live At The Fishbucket, Pt. 1 and The Trip with minor lyrics corrections...
(Source: Random catches while listening at work...)

Updated We'll Be There (and the 10 Second Remix):
(Source: AgroPDX from the forums... took me to soda school...)
     Inca Kolas with rum (from "Inca Cola")

Updated 43 Labels I Like:
(Source: 10 Years of Thes One liner notes)
     Multiple label name changes... Thanks, Thes!

Updated Much Too Much:
(Source: Big ups to Elroy Budvis for schoolin' me on the Vandross...)
     Stop! (Never too much, never too much, never too…) (from "How much is too much is too…")

Updated Electric Tookie:
(Source: Got educated on some wines this weekend...)
     The Tempranillo to the face that makes my brain baste (from "The temper kneel(?) to the face that makes my brain baste")

Updated We Got It:
(Source: Highlighted contribution from "Owen"... Thanks, completely wasn't hearin' this 'til you pointed it out!)
     The P, schooled in the trade of ol' boom bap (from "The P school different ??") (References the sample used by PUTS in Schooled In The Trade)

Updated 43 Labels I Like:
(Source: "Lag Party"... Major shout-out for the español help!)
     Transcribed the sample from the "gem that Thes found in Peru" (along with a translation... dope!) (Also, I did some label look-ups and firmed up some of the 43 labels... still shaky on a few.)

Updated The Wiz:
(Source: "theladnad"... Thanks, man!)
     [Double K:] I'm the Wizard of Aus, chilling (from "[Double K:] I'm the Wizard of Oz, chilling")

Updated 80 Blocks From Silverlake:
(Source: Highlighted contribution from "dave"... Thanks for the education on PUSH, homie!)
     Now I'm PUSH-ed like Jesse Jackson (from "Now I'm bushed like Jesse Jackson") (Jesse Jackson started the "PUSH" organization)

Several other lyrics changes to Fly Love Song, The Double K Show, Creepshow, Zignaflyinblow, Electric Tookie, The Tamburo 5, and a lot of tracks from Fun DMC

Updated We'll Be There:
(Source: Highlighted contribution from "natural disaster"... Always appreciated!)
     (Amigitos!) (from "(I may eat those!)") (If I spoke Spanish, I'd catch more of these and make myself sound a little less ridiculous...)

Updated Dewrit!:
(Source: Highlighted contribution from "Danny"... Thanks for the help-out, man!!)
    ...everybody loves the Biz (from "...everybody loves the beers") (hadn't seen Yo Gabba Gabba when I first transcribed the lyrics, so I didn't know Biz was on the show! I know, excuses excuses...)
    Got to do it, man. (from "Got to live, man.") (don't know HOW I missed this...)

Updated The Dig:
(Source: Highlighted contribution from "Danny"... Nice catch, homie...)
    ...carefully picked and never bit (from "...carefully picked and never flick")

Updated Too Much Birthday:
(Source: Random catch... realized my mistake while listening at work...)'s a record deal, spend that check (from "'s a record deal, spin that check")

Updated D.A.R.E.:
(Source: Caught "Nancy Reagan" on a random listen, then caught more while correcting)
    Lots of corrections and changes, mostly toward the end of the song.

Updated The Tamburo 5:
(Source: I found out recently that you "peel" a cap, not "pill" it... oops...)'s your cap I'm peeling to the dirt (from "'s your cap I'm pilling to the dirt")

Updated Code Check:
(Source: Another random catch... )
    Bumpin' Gary Bonds while... (from "Bumping Gary Box while...")

Updated Come On, Let's Get High:
(Source: Watched the "Homerpalooza" Simpsons episode & heard Lisa Simpson)
    Walk in smelling like Otto's jacket (from "Walk in smelling like Arnold's jacket")

Updated Blowin' Wax:
(Source: SLC... thanks, homie!)
    To the bottom of the barrel, Canned Funk like Joe Farrell (from "To the bottom of the barrel, can't funk like Joe Farrell")

Updated The Mike & Chris Story:
(Source: DJ Guerrilla... woo wee!)
    go on over there and turn them jams up for me… woo wee! (missed the end!)

Updated All Good Things:
(Source: Martin... Esoooooooooo!)
    The same Stan at the merch table, shaking my hands (from "The same stand at the merch table, shaking my hands")

Updated Talkin' Back To The Streets:
(Source: KBP... thanks, man! I can see it, but I'm still a little shaky on the "mad" part... what do you think?)
    [Thes One:] We waited mad, man! (from "[Thes One:] You in command, man!")

Several minor lyrics & trivia updates made (too many to list).

Updated Time To Rock Our Shit:
(Source: Saakki on the PUTS boards... stay laced, homie!)
    Thes One laced the track like a blunt with a weird smell, nigga (from "Thes One lays the track like a blunt with a weird smell, nigga")

Updated Give Love A Chance:
(Source: Figured out with more listens)
    "[Sung sample:] Like you know you should" (from "Fact, you know, yes you")
    " that love them Swizz Beatz..." (from "Swiss Beats") (could be wrong... was Swizz Beatz even popular yet in 2000?)
    "Piecing our 40s..." (from "Piecing on") (syntax check: "Peacing" or "Piecing"?)

Updated Fishbucket Soundcheck:
(Source: I amplified the vocal track using EQ tricks & discovered errors)
    "...with nothing fuckin' found..." (from "funky")
    "...Shit, chill..." (from "still")
    "...never snortin' a line..." (from "startin'")

Updated Foolish People:
(Source: see "Fishbucket Soundcheck")
    Added "Dewrit!", "(Oh, no!)", and "I'm high." to Double K's lyrics. Missed 'em the first time around.

Updated Too Much Birthday:
(Source: see "Fishbucket Soundcheck")
    "I brought some beer, man..." (from "gin")
    "Hangover haze, bloodshot eyes..." (from "hates")
    "Life is a big lake, at least we feast on cake..." (from "bit late")
    "...but a scarf and some cowboy boots..." (from "flower")
    "...we bringin' the good feel..." (from "fill")
    "'s a record deal, spin that check..." (from "Jack")

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