Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Song sample:] So, you stand on the corner and you smoke your pot
You just sit home and you smoke your pot…

[Rap sample:] Checking out the scene, smoking weed
[Rap sample:] In the corner, in the morning, every night and day (x5)
[Rap sample:] Drinking, smoking, more smoking, more drinking
[Rap sample:] Smoking weed [Rap sample:] …all the big dope fiend…

[Double K:]
Homie, you want it, I'm blunted, each and every other hour
On a bad day, can't find, yo, I'm acting hella sour
("You niggas out there smoking that dope?!") Tell your moms to shut up!
It ain't crack, it's the herbalonic, some people call it "The Chronic"
I call it the best stress reliever, the mind pleaser, Big Homie told me
That it's the best way to pull a skeezer out them drawers
No flaws, when I begin to roll up, "Hey, what's up, big man?
Can I hit that?"… Dude, hold up! We'll talk about it
Right after I'm done getting blounted, stay clouded
With my local reefer merchant, so my purchase'll be
Fat not skinny, yeah, I smoke plenty
And it ain't to look pretty, I'm Rick James up in Stone City
Floating 'round my town, cracking jokes, eating food
Acting the fucking clown, and all my friends are down
To chip in and hit a few, I mean chief a few
And if you don't like cheeba, then this song ain't for you
I'm saying, you should try it, don't be afraid, my brother
Put your lips up to the shit and close your eyes, hit the motherfucker!
Fuck your friends and everything that they know
I'm Double K breaking it up in one minute like a pro
So all my weedhead niggas, get busy in the place
I'm out three times, about to take one to the face, like…

(Yeah, man… ahhh… man… shit, yeah… that's that shit I'm talking about, boy… heh heh… yeah… alright… lemme… shit… yeah… alright…)

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