Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] Uh uh… let's take 'em out of, uh… b-boy experience… Thes One, how ya-
[Thes One:] What's up?
[Double K:] Um, Thes One, man…
[Thes One:] What's up?
[Double K:] How ya like me now?
[Thes One:] Well, Double K, check it out, how ya like me now?
[Double K:] I don't know, Thes One, how ya like me now?
[Thes One:] Ay-yo, my mellow Double K, how ya like me now?
[Double K:] Well, I don't know, Thes One, how ya like me now?
[Thes One:] Huh huh, yo, Double K, how ya like me now?
[Double K:] Yo, everybody, how ya like us now?
[Thes One:] 'Cause all you sucka perpetrators hate our serious sound, but Double K…
[Double K:] Well, I don't know, how ya like me now?
[Thes One:] Ha ha, yo, I don't know, how ya like us now?
[Double K:] I don't know, Thes One, how ya like me now?
[Thes One:] Yeah, man, I know that motherfucker Thes… yo, check it out, man…
[Double K:] How ya like me now?
[Thes One:] How you like us now?

[Thes One:] (Ay-yo…)
Eyes stay so cool, he freeze colosseums
Man, the kid shine so bright, you sneeze when you see him
He still hasn't changed, trading records for per diem
Guaranteeing new editions to his wax museum
Man, I've seen it, his collection grows, it's quite incredible
Hunting down them records like the damn things were edible
In this context, he's too complex, you're oedipal
Y'all motherfuckers only produce poetical perfection
And hypothetical selections for your general public
Expecting a soft subject
Man, it's medical touch, not budget, but worth it
Impregnates the track, jump back, and then birth it
Word is born, now his word plays all day
At that fancy day care over by UCLA
While he sits at home, making beats, drinking the Heine
Putting new breaks on drum pads like Meineke
I finally seen him one day, chilling with his group
He was eating at El Cholo, sipping tortilla soup
I said, "Thes, yo, I'm feeling all them old jazz loops
Can you make me up a track, man? I got a little loot"
He said, "Thanks, but don't thank me, thank the forefathers
They deserve the credit, now they's nobody bothers"
I paused, I said, "True", he took a sip of his stew
He said, "I'll dig you up a beat like Super Mario 2"
I was like "Word, dude, I'll pick up the check", he's like, "Don't bother
Pull up a chair, I'll introduce you to my partner"

[Double K:]
Ready, set, go, this man's a vet pro
Call him humble, call him psycho, his mother calls him Michael
He might go loco if you fake and perpetrate
And tricking off in fresh hate and you can see the best play in a feel
Look, he's real and ill, what a combination
Seen him signing up soldiers to start his new rap nation
He said time was wasting, and I could see it in his eyes
He was fed up with the politics, wack beats, and lies
Heard a lady say, "Sock it to me!", and brothas was pumping they fist
On some Reverend Al Sharp-shit, better now than not to talk shit
He walking it like them DUI games
Mind frame in revolution and you know he got solutions
Not worried about pollution, afraid for his art form
Matter of fact, he's kinda shook up, his people want to hook up
His people better look up 'cause it's about to go down
Like the brew when the night's over and never sober
When he is, he's kinda mean, loves his hi-hats clean
Stays on the fly rap scene, he's a fighter and a lover
Reminds me of Danny Glover, telling y'all it ain't no other
He don't spit hot bars, him and his friends hop bars
Personality: rockstar slash mack-tivist
After this, I'm gonna sit and think about what I learned
I can still hear his voice and smell the Buddha he burned
He said, "Earn respect, learn to respect, and you'll succeed"
True indeed, then I gave him a pound
He said he'd break it down and sell it (homie!)
How ya like him now?

[Double K:] How you like him too? 'Cause that's the homie, fo' sho'
Thes One and… (Double!) Yeah, hah! (Get it!)
Well, uh… well, alright, y'all… and go back?
I'm always popping… go back though? Woo!
Uh, go back though? Go back though…
Huh, tobacco? Let's go back though…
Hey, c'mon, man. What you doing, man?
You playing with my emotions right now, man
C'mon, man, what you doing?
I know you wanna push that button…
I know you wanna push that button… c'mon, brotha…

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