Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, yo!
[Spoken sample:] Two, three, break!
[Double K:] We back… and you don't… and we back… and you can't, huh… and we back… and don't… you can't get, don't, you never… and you don't stop… to the one, and you won't quit, uh huh, to… and you can't catch the P, mad quick, huh… check it, and you don't, you don't, you don't…

[Double K:]
Yo, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane
No, a herb in a b-boy suit going insane
In the year of the payback, was known to go way back
In every single session, time's up with y'all guessing
The un-accounted for duo bringing down your charts
And Billboard, that process, boy, you got me real bored
And I'mma ignore, settle the score silently
Provoke my thoughts violently, knock you out you Wallabees
Follow me and find out quick what makes a brother nature rise
Why I spit so sick ([Thes One:] That's 'cause he spits so sick!)
Pass them cough drops, vocal chords getting kinda sore
From yelling and mic checking, belling and mic wrecking
Shout, "Bravo!", pump up your fists, and stir it up
Hit the person on your left, tell the select to turn it up
I'm burning up with soul, and on this game, I got it fold
Watch it fold like governments, I'm taking over, and you loving it
I'm touching it, nigga, laying hands on the sinner
Run up in your little lab, push it back to a beginner
And hip hopping for everybody, get your hands up, until I say so
Me and my posse on a hunt for them Pesos and Euros
S'give me a Pound, thank you, man
And I'mma break a one-nine-and-a-half of rhymes in the bag
Bubbles and champagne, holding a news conference
(Nigga, I'm real fly!) about my funky rap campaign
And y'all can't hang, so give me the rope
'Cause to pile 'em on top is for the city of dope

[Rap sample:] You don't stop! (repeated and scratched)
[Double K:] The East Coast, y'all!
The Dirty South, y'all!
The Midwest, y'all!
And to the UK, y'all!
[Spoken sample:] Two, three, break!

[Thes One:]
All y'all weird dudes, take heed:
Double K and Thes One'd bless one for the seeds
While y'all mousetrap and get caught up for the cheese
Cool cats dropping shit on the litter, legacy's
Digging deep these days, trying their best to survive
Living life's on the side of the rap, nine-to-five
Got a 401(k) for my MPC, Trey-K-K rock the cut, the kids paid
Say the People made a name for themselves, long time ago
Rock this shit, the show time, one rhyme ago
This rhymer'd like to say, "I'm kinda pissed!"
Ribbing your want list to erasing your Zip disk
See, I'd rather risk catching a fist than holding my tongue
Boycott the album 'cause the P don't ([Rap sample:] Run!)
Rock bubblegum, right tracking on the one
Let the engine run, pack up the show, follow the sun
The two-man band on two lane roads ain't dumb
Playing shows, just still chilling and laying low
Coming outta nowhere like a dormant volcano
With the hot shit, so save your pop shit for the label, yo
So all you hip-hop dudes, get set
Going back to the streets, unplug your Internet, let's shut it down
Start a revolution, and your town is going down
The P is coming back to your town!

[Rap sample:] You don't stop! (repeated and scratched)
[Double K:] The West Coast, y'all!
And to the East Coast, y'all!
And to the Dirty South, y'all!
And in the Midwest, y'all!
And to the UK!
And in the Motherland! ([Thes One:] Y'all!)
And back to the West Coast, y'all!
The West Coast, y'all!
And to the East Coast, y'all!
And to the Dirty South!
And up to the Midwest, y'all!
And over in the UK, y'all!
You don't stop!
One time for the P, we don't quit!
One time for the MCs… yeah, yeah, yeah… ah ha HA!

[Spoken sample:] Two, three, break!

[Rap sample:] Stop! (repeated and scratched)

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