Yes I Can

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Rap sample:] I don't really know, but somebody said... (x4)

[Thes One:]
You could be whatever you dream, so just believe that
Nothing's impossible, just ignore all the feedback
'Cause, god knows, those who do nothing always gab
Just do what you can, where you are, with what you have
Had a young brother ask me, "What's the point?" as he smoked a joint
Standin' on Crenshaw, across from El Camino
"The thing is," I said as I looked into his face
"Right up the street, they build rockets to orbit outer space
At Space X, and you just stand here, not even knowin'."
Because we don't dream, as a country, we're not growin'
But if you let that stop you, well, then you really lose
Just catch 'em off-guard, a millionaire in tennis shoes
Better yet, fifty grand and a health-insurance plan
Get married, have a son, raise that boy into a man
Who knows? 'Cause the mind's a powerful thing to numb
Whatever we think, we can become...
I said, who knows? 'Cause the mind's a powerful thing to numb
Whatever we think, we can become... they say:

[Spoken sample:] Yes, I can, and so can you! [repeated and scratched]

[Double K:] (Hm...)
Ease on down this thing we call "growing"
Keep your spirit glowin', keep it easygoin'
Never let anyone tell you that it's impossible
Even though there's obstacles, anything is possible
You could be a Huxtable, or a constable
Racin' in politics or buildin' your own hospital
Just keep dreamin', young trooper, it's yours!
Keep knockin' down doors until they give you the floor
With a spotlight, you shine bright, make 'em follow the leader
You ain't gotta sip lean, pimp bitches or carry heaters
And there's more options than just rappin' and playin' ball
It's that's your passion, go for it, just don't let it be a wall
'Cause you can crash real quick and never make a repair
Only to come out shook and find yourself, you goin' nowhere
And luckily, I'm good at all the things that I do
I smoke a gang a' boo, my nigga, so can you...

([Thes One:] Aw, c'mon, man...
[Double K:] What?
[Thes One:] Man, I'm tryin' to make a... an uplifting track for the homies out there, man... c'mon...
[Double K:] Man, fuck the homies! I'm tryin' to get blazed...


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