Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Sung sample:] Tune in to ma-ma, tune in to ma-ma…

[Double K:]
Broadcasting live, one hundred thousand and Watts
Fully executed, it's another sure shot-a
I'm your DJ for the Hour of Power
Have you jamming your traffic, baby, turn it up louder
Hey, it's Doobie Howser, disc jockey for your evening affair
Turn the dial, make sure it comes in clear
Commercial-free, non-stop, so tune in
We ruling the airwaves with the funk in your trunk
Or any engagement, arrangements for pumping
Or call up the line, have the brother play you something
Like Wu-Tang or some Chuck Mangione
And for your anniversary, it's Tony! Toni! Toné!
Our motto is "Never let the listener down."
And when it comes to prime action, we're taking the crown
So this one's going out to all in all
I'm outta here, folks, Doobie Howser, I'm signin' off…

[Dolla Bill:] Yeah, that's our other DJ, Doobie Howser… station WRLA, People Under The Stairs, their new album, Highlighter… yeah… Planet Funkatron, and we got it going on, station WRLA for T, quick story, gave Double K his first turntable. Now, here's Thes One… the always hip hop, ready and able Dolla Bill, jammin' 'em… W-R-L-A…

[Sung sample:] Tune in to ma-ma, tune in to ma-ma…

[Thes One:]
We in the lineup, surfin' on your airwaves
Wax up the deck, paddle out and catch a set
The technique speaks with stylus, groups are whylin'
Patrolling mixes with the pitch like Nolan Ryan
It's live on your FM, the lost art of radio
We broadcast on blast, the brotha says ([Double K:] Way to go!)
The phone banks lightin' up, and so is Double K
Transmitting live on the 5, Diego to the Bay
Now, if the people don't know what to play, then you tune in
Tune out, and turn it up, you burn it up, and you shout:
(The sound is legit!) Yup. 'Cause we don't play hits
We got a wall of vinyl records and we stay in the mix
So if you want some AOR in your car (Then give us a shout!)
You're at the Coco's Boathouse, yacht rockin' (No doubt!)
Your funking or your funking or you love Pumpkins drumming
Man, hold tight (We got that Spoonie "Spoonin' Rap" coming)
Yeah, and that's just our job to play shit we find
Don't turn the dial, just smile, while we open your mind!

[Dolla Bill:] A drummin' new LP, Highlighter… People Under The Stairs, WRLA… alrighty, request lines opening now, call in!
[Caller #1 (Double K):] Yo, man… yo, is this Dolla Bill, man, from the Question album?
[Dolla Bill:] Yo, yo. Yeah, this Dolla Bill
[Caller #1:] Thought that was you, man. Yo, man, y'all be playing some weak shit up there. I heard that Highlighter album,and it was cool, man. Yo, can you play some Toto?
[Dolla Bill:] Toto?
[Caller #1:] Yeah, what up?
[Dolla Bill:] Don't be hating. Don't be hip hop ill fating. Nahhh… We got the People Under The Stairs. Highlighter album is BOSS! We know that's right. We're gonna take another call on the WRLA request line…
[Caller #2 (Thes One):] Yeah… hello, hello?
[Dolla Bill:] Hello!
[Caller #2:] Yeah, I'm on the air?
[Dolla Bill:] Yeah.
[Caller #2:] I'm on the air?
[Dolla Bill:] Yeah.
[Caller #2:] Turn down my radio. Hold on, hold on, hold on…
[Dolla Bill:] Got to be real…
[Caller #2:] Yeah, okay, uh… hey, man, I just want to let you know, man, that album was dope.
[Dolla Bill:] You know you like it.
[Caller #2:] Um… I'll go to Ameoba or something and buy it, man, uh… where the dudes from, through?
[Dolla Bill:] Right here in L.A. It's Highlighter! (echoes)

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