Willie Rap (Remix) (feat. Newman) (unofficial title)

Written by: Alex Newman, Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

(And everybody clap your hands)
And get down with the Man who's known as the New
Funk in the house like "Uh, P.U.!"
T to the S, that's Double plus Thes
Ghost from the locs that's known for the fresh
And best not to test unless it's to testify
Hand on the Bible, can't tell no lie
You know what to cop if you're fly
That's Fun DMC, music dope, number five
And I've seen 'em grow from number three
Motorhomin' since "O.S.T."
So, let me say, you can't funk like the P
Plug a bass and talk to outer space
But you still ain't funkin' with we
Ha, ah, no, oh, uh, Fun, D, M, C
Get the cash, rats, and the ass
And you still wanna funk it for free, RAH!
([Willie Wood:] Once again, Woody Wood…)

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