We'll Be There (10 Second Remix)

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Rap sample:] C'mon, y'all (repeated and scratched)
[Thes One:] Uh, uh, uh, uh, we're qualified
C'mon, c'mon, we're qualified
C-c-c'mon, ay-yo, we qualified
You know we qualified to rock…
L.A., L.A. is qualified to rock
Uh, uh, uh, we're qualified…

[Double K:]
Ay-yo, check it out, people, I'm so glad you're here
I want my peoples in the front, my peoples in the rear
No, it ain't Dilated, J5, or the Grouch
It's the P up in the house, we 'bout to crack this Guiness Stout
([Thes One:] Mike, you drink O.E.) Yeah, but it rhymed
And I'mma keep going, flowing like the river, young nigga
Since 1987, I've been putting in work
Like a single mother serving suckas, and makin 'em jerks
Big fluid when I do it, everybody say "go"
The cut creator of the hood, and already a pro
Smoking up the fat grams and slam like Big Show
Or Bam Bigelow to party down with the hos
Until the crack of dawn, and don't nobody dare yawn
"Word up!" to Sanchez and my little homie rhymed
Right now, we on some wine-light, violin type
Make the beats late night, so they come out and act right
And put a kick in your eardrum, yo, you should expect
Nothing but the fly shit when we rocking your set
You're damn right, it's Thes One and Double K one time
Lay back with a cool one, so let's do one, ya get it?
I'm like "with it" when it comes to being hip
Hang out with old dudes that's rude, and talk sh-
Close down on your rookies like your ladies at bedtime
Next time you wanna rhyme, throw this into rewind
And realize the real lives and the dope shit being given
It's a privilege like your left turned herb, ya heard
Now I'mma chill with my blunt and Guiness, let this track speak
To all the stupid-ass people undermining the street
(So, you guys say you never seen a movie?)
When I "street," I mean "real"
The People Under the Gangsta Steps, serving your thrill

[Both:] Ay-yo, we qualified, rectified, rocking 'til the day we die
Every time you're screaming, crying, we'll be there with no denying (x3)
We qualified, rectified, rocking 'til the day we die
And every time you- what? Every time you- what?
[Double K:] Ay-yo, you qualified?
[Thes One:] Ay-yo, I'm qualified. Ay-yo, you qualified?
[Double K:] Ay-yo, I'm qualified. Nigga, you qualified?
[Thes One:] Man, yo, I'm qualified, so check it out, yo!
[Rap sample:] Let's rock!

[Thes One:]
The type of family beat, horns with an age limit of like 38 and older
For old dudes, who pulled dames with game like a Pee Chee folder
For 40 holders, twist, tap, and drop the cap when you feel it
Non-sober sounds better, a sort-of a sweater-wearing groove
Got you feeling the jazz and make you wanna move
(I need another brew!) 'Bout to crack a new 32
Shout going to my crew and especially (Yahoo!)
Andre, Brandon, Paul, Anthony, Mike, and me
Who can't stand new music, rather bump the JB's
And stay ill, changing DATs, pushing rocks up a hill
Stupid sissy ([Spoken sample:] Ay-yo, hush that fuss!) and please chill!
Smoking beedis, hanging out my window sill, watching the moon
Writing rhymes, making beats, waking up at noon
Digging up old tunes, that's the life for me
And chilling with my best friend whose name is MPC
So, Mike, please see if my track is going to tape
Got about a million rhymes, yo, I don't know their fate
So one way or another, brother, I promise they'll get heard
(Haha, second LP, huh?) And you can count on a third, word
And that's all I got, before I go, I gotta give a shout
To Yuyo, Juan Carlos and Tino, Remi, Miguel, and Grenjes, mi primos
I'mma end this with Enola, I'm out drinking all the Inca Kola's with rum
So get in the streets and act dumb ([Double K:] Uh, it says right here…)
People Under The Stairs, set rhymes to stun…
([Double K:] Hey, when we gonna get another album, man?)
Brother, don't trip, the record's not over, all you gotta do is flip…

[Rap sample:] You know we rock, we roll, we jam, and we make…
(scratched, repeated)

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