Want You Back

Written by: Christopher Portugal

[Cut Chemist:] C'mon, Los Angeles! C'mon, y'all! Yo, yo yo, on the real, I didn't break out my striped shirt for nothing, man. This is some special shit. Give it up for my man. Ah… Hahahaha…
([Thes One:] I'll give 'em something they know…)

[Sung sample:] Oh, darling, I was blind to let you go… (let you go, baby…)
But not since I seen you in his arms...

[Sung sample:] Baby! Late for me…
Late for me…
Baby! Late for me…
[Sung sample:] Dolemite!

[Sung sample:] Dolemite!
[Rap sample:] A-yes yes, y'all, a-freak freak, y'all
A-to the beat, y'all, it's so unique, y'all
(repeats to end of track)

[Sung sample:] Baby!
[Spoken sample:] Louder!
[Spoken sample:] Clap your hands to what he's doing…
[Sung sample:] Not.. since… I… seen… (repeats)
Late for me… Baby!
Late for me… Baby!

[Sung sample:] Oh I do now…
Ooh ooh, baby (repeats)
[Spoken sample:] Yeah!

[DJ Dusk:] One time, yo, Los Angeles, give it up for my man, Thes…
[Cut Chemist:] Baron Wolfgang von Thes…
[DJ Dusk:] Baron Wolfgang von Thes…

[Cut Chemist:] Look at this… motherfucker took his shirt off!


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