Uprock Boogie

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Rap sample:] I think I'm freaking you, ooh…
(repeated and scratched)

[Spoken sample:] Let's see what's next on the mix…

[Double K:]
Bounce rock, uprock, pop, lock, boogie
The bully of the funk yard, givin' out noogies
To not get socked out is to rock kids out socks
It's the 10 Freeway, no leeway, rollin'
Patron and the rhythm is all that I could give 'em
I'm rap pack chillin' with cigars and the stars
Prisoner of the beat, watch me count these bars
MCs are gassed out, so they won't get far
You see me and Scooby, we rollin' up a doobie
Hanging out with Tootie and Blair, I'm fly
You can tell by the nose that I wear, I'm hello
Ghetto antics turned into transcripts
Fans get the copy, we sly like Rocky
Get busy on stage, so your girl wants to jock me
Back of the speakeasy, drunk and sloppy
Whispered in her ear a few of my hobbies
Took the girl home, we had some sex
Kicked her ass out, and sent her a text
She calls me back and sounds hella vexed, yo
So tiggity-tell your friends, homes, 'cause here comes Das EFX

[Rap sample:] I think I'm freaking you, ooh…
[Spoken sample:] Let's see what's next on the menu…
(repeated and scratched)

[Thes One:] Drink to this, I've gone insane
The Anchor Steam dreams with the Eric B chain
Post hard like the Coast Guard on a postcard
I'll protect the West Coast and go hard
To the landfill, straight dumpin', head kill
Me and Double like the underground anvil
Three decades down, fuckin' five to go
Two drunk monkeys just stole your whole show
[Double K:] The P-arty animal, cr-animal sots
Drinking on a 40, eating some Pop Rocks
And blowed on a track, all over the place
Thes, ramp up the track, so we can feel the bass
I use common sense, taking it easy
Sit back, smoke a J with some girls that's sleazy
George and Weezy, Hall and Oates
On my way to D.C. about to smoke some boat!

[Rap sample:] I think I'm freaking you, ooh…
[Spoken sample:] Let's see what's next on the menu…
(repeated and scratched)

[Thes One:]
Who got the props? Rappers are actors
Who act like kids… who got the Mott's?
Peel that apple, cap when my rap drops
Party over here with the… don't stop
Unless the cops try to arrest the MC
When I write at night, my fingers light up like E.T.
I'm up late, all up in that milk crate silhouette
Rapped pre-internet and still ain't hit the pillow yet
Puttin' heads to bed, straight out the box
MCs are jumping out the Costco crocs
Dude, it's "yes way, Jose"
Malbec and Cabernet, I'm laughing at your rosé
Your Internet pose, eh, these dudes are iPhony
I unlike, me and Mike, rapping macaroni
Using our noodles to make cheese and get five
Figgity-fuck around and lay around and do a vibe like

[Rap sample:] I think I'm freaking you, ooh…
(repeated and scratched)

[Grady:] Hi, Fred! Are you ready?
[Fred:] Ready for what?
[Grady:] Some popcorn!
[Fred:] Yeah, well… turn on the TV, Grady. Maybe…
[Grady:] Okay…
[Fred:] Maybe that'll cheer me up…

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