Untitled Live Track (2000 World Tour)

Written by: Michael Turner, Christopher Portugal & Andre Satchel

[Double K:]
Yo, let me talk to you, let me have a word with you
If you're doing something, then I hope I'm not disturbing you
But if I am, so what, then stop it
'Cause me and Thes, we about to cold rock this
We're musical, magical radicals
No small letters in our names, only capitals
We ain't wack, yo, you know we getting def
If you think you can defeat us… ([Thes One:] Impossible!)
We a brand new group, but so what, man?
We still got hundreds and thousands of fans
I'm Double K, yo, and this is my crew
If you think we ain't ready, you're wrong!
[Thes One:] It goes… put your hands up!

[Thes One, with JazMak on the help out:]
MC, hip-hop, people call you Thes
South AmericAnn Margaret and holding the West
Not the best, but I'll still make it funky for you
Ay-yo, I been Under The Stairs since I left Peru
I lay it down in '99, yo, kids, you can't sleep
But got chicks on the beach, I keep 'em in my Jeep
To a fly rapper, not an average brother
Sleep late on Saturdays and doin' chores with my mother
Take a hot shower 'round the hour of noon
Eat a bowl of cereal and watch a fresh cartoon
I harpoon MCs with a microphone stand
In my homeland, there's a statue of me with a bid in my hand
In other words, there's a barrel of play
I could rock a show in Fresno and the people would pay
The Undisputed Champs came to get on stage and lamp
'Cause the girl ain't on point, we get paid to hang tight

[Thes One and JazMak:] Yes yes, y'all, you don't stop
The People Under The Stairs, we got the body rock
[Thes One and JazMak:] Yes yes, y'all, you don't quit
[Thes One:] JazMak, get on the mic and talk shit!

[JazMak, with Thes One on the help out:]
Hey, you know I'm always creepin', fuckin' wrecking my state
Got the rep for serving rappers, dancing up to the plate
Leaving get y'all seen again, 'cause my crew is on shit
Right, that's the way it is and I ain't taking no shit
I'm representing with the limp 'til I die on out
So uh, stop cryin', I'll give you something to cry about
Because my crew comes first, money in the middle
Where it at? Check it out, I never play second fiddle
To these wack-ass rappers into porno hos and money
Gather what lives we got when we get a dummy
Maybe yours aren't dummies, definitely fools
Somebody needs to teach your ass about old school
Like my nigga Thes One, Double K and all of that
Yo, we not Oprah Winfrey, but… right?
Bend your lives, with the chance to come and dome a rap freely
Talking 'bout how we gonna put this down and… ?

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