Tuxedo Rap (DJ Mekalek Party Mix)

Written by: Michael Turner, Christopher Portugal, Shawn Jackson, Eric Latham, Jayson Sonico & Jay Gatsby

[Rap sample:] Cre-Creased up, staying dressed to impress…
[Sung sample:] Woo!
[Double K:] Rock! For all the hip-hop lovers… in the place to be, we got the P-U-T-S, Time Machine, so fresh… My man, Shawn Jackson, we run it like this… look, rock! Everybody, y'all…
([Background PUTS samples:]
[Thes One:] The People Under The Stairs…
[Double K:] Get with it, everybody, let's up, up, up
[Rap sample:] Time Machine is in the house…)
[Double K:] Put 'em up! Put 'em up!
([Background PUTS samples:]
[Thes One:] The People Under The Stairs…
[Double K:] We're the ones who rock… soul sista!
[Thes One:] Just throw up your hands from side-to-side
And let me know you're alright, let me know you're alright (repeats))
[Sung sample:] Woo!

It's the Tuxedo Rap, this a black-tie affair
Time Machine is in the house like an easy chair
People Under The Steps is dressed to impress
With a paisley bow-tie and handkerchief by the chest
Do the clothes make the man, or the man make the clothes?
Well, who knows? The man with the clothes gets the hos
Oh, wow, ladies say "ow", wipe your brow
No regret, if you sweat, it's only right, 'cause that's how
You're reacting to the music with the movement it calls for
Young lady, let's dance and take a walk like it's bought for
Ain't even gonna ask what you went to the mall for
New shoes and new dress and tonight's what it's all for
[Double K:] You got the P mixed with Time Machine
[Comel:] Well, you know…
[Double K:] And Shawn Jackson left me feeling clean
[Comel:] Yeah, that's right
We gonna party 'til the roof fall down
And if you stay rockin' with us, that's proof y'all down

And have to start with a razor, shape up and shave
A starch sprayed iron board and some tequila
A cummerbund? Sure, that's where I tuck the flask in
Not inebriated, just walk with an owl limp
I wish I had on roller skates, people would be laughing
I'd be a dancing machine, twirling like a madman
Stealing the silverware, both napkins, I don't care
Epitome of "you can't take him anywhere!"
Seconds, fifths, sixths, how much was that a plate? Aight.
Let me smoke a cigarette, excuse for great escape
Derelict aristocrat, you could call me some of that
Truth be told, life of the party is where I fit in at
Lindy hop, poodle embroidered on her dress
Flipped her over my shoulder, we both landed in a split
I knew my game was special 'cause I would even sweat her
Money kept popping out places I didn't even expect
And little cats leapt up like "I wanna be like that!"
I said, "Sit down, son, have you heard of Tuxedo Rap?"
It has to start with the praise, shape up and shave
A starch spray, too young, so left out the tequila

([Double K:] Get with it, everybody, let's up jump the break…
[Rap sample:] Funky fresh, dressed to impress, ready to party
[Thes One:] The People Under The Stairs… (repeated and scratched)

[Double K:] It's the T!
[Thes One:] Tremendous
[Double K:] U!
[Thes One:] Under the stairs
[Double K:] X!
[Thes One:] For the double-X ladies, right there
[Double K:] E!
[Thes One:] For the elegant styles you might see
[Double K:] D-O!
[Thes One:] For the dope that makes the Re-Mi!
[Double K:] Girl!
[Thes One:] She said she don't like rap music, don't make her dance
Now, lookit here, lady, no debating, just take a chance
Glance at Double K, he back, spinning Tuxedo Rap
The people started clapping, but all they saw was my fingers snap
Modern soul slide, high wire, white sock
Penny loafer gleam, American dreamin' like SHA NA NA!
The piranhas bite in the river, we deliver tight rhymes
Stay cool like Klondike, the black and white
Brown, yellow and red that sounds Better Than Ezra
Two o' clock…?!? You forget what it says, bra!
Party all night with your people, we're the P
They're the Time Machine, and together, it's mild trilogy
Nah, for real though, stop, dudes, man, yo, you're killing me
That grown-man rap with underground sensibility
So, Shawn Jackson, got your back one time
Well, get on the mic with your master rhyme… Yo, SJ!

[Shawn Jackson:]
They say you got so hot, can you explain?
It's basically the swagger I got, for you the bane
'Cause if I'm gonna do it, I've gots ta' do my thing
Make you bang it at the table like pops in Boomerang
Don't be pussy-whipped with that pussy
I whip that trick like DJ if you push me
Parallel to my own life, hustle and flow
Up in the show, peep the merch table, hustle and flow
Spit drugs, couple hundred or mo'
They say I'm too cocky, my response to it: "Fuck it, I'll blow."
Keep your formal with a tux and a rose
In your truck, with a song that, turned to ten
It might fuck witcha bros, '93 kids stuck in the zone
Shocks you ain't rockin', Hilfiger buttoned-up, tucked in Girbauds
You wanna see the freshest beings from this way
It's the PUTS, the TM and SJ, yes! Yes!
([Thes One:] Rockin' fo' sho')

[Comel:] It's the T-U-X
[Jaysonic:] Yes
[Comel:] E-D-O
[Jaysonic:] Let's go
[Comel:] R-A-P
[Jaysonic:] Let 'em know

[All:] It's the T-U-X, Yes, E-D-O
Let's go, R-A-P, let 'em know!

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