Tuxedo Rap

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] Tuxedo rap, hand clap, party people…
[Sung sample:] Woo!

([Double K:] Whip it, whip it, whip it!
Get it, get it, get it!
Whip it, whip it, whip it!
Just get it, get it, get it!

[Double K:] (Yeah, yeah…)
Hey, man, we the ones who rock on the rhythm
We tearing the roof off, it's the one that we give 'em
Deliver the freshness, so you can go get it
Get with it, everybody, let's up-jump the break beats
Spinning like platters, we rock on precisely
Accurate jam timing, hot for the kids
West-bounding on the track, you know just what it is
See the name on the marquee, we 'bout to get biz
Get the girls, after-party, back at the crib
We pouring up the liquors, it's time to have kids
I'm the fresh cut maker, fly beat creator
Corner-of-the-block-hanger, professional player-hater
Getting the job finished, we leave them with a smile
They say, "You make it funky!", been doing it all the while
Bass-lines with the left-hand scratch
Back-spin the vinyl breaks we catch ([Sung sample:] Woo!)
[Thes One:] The, The People Under the Stairs, they rock it fo' (sho')
Afro-Latin rap styled, kids be letting 'em ([Double K:] know)
Los Angeles duo, hip the hop, good to (go)
You know my bro, smoking blunts on the (patio)
Now, dig it, listening to the crew number (one)
Who turned on the sex machine, let it (run)
Shine to the rhythm, west to east like (sun)
So have fun, Jimmy Castor we just (begun)
Blow out your lungs, hung jury, jaywalk (free)
Limo-tint MC's, people envy the (P)
Telescope-dope star power (definitely)
Me and the homie, Christmas Michael light up the (tree)
He, he roll it like Dogtown Z and the (Boys)
Heavy D, Blue Funk, P is bringing the (noise)
Graceful poise while toys, no soul, gold-fishing like kois
We commission the Michelin, retire and roll (boy)
The-s one, Double K, pop the bubbly, party rock
Dub'll be center the festivity, 1984, your activity
L.A. Kings are back, so come on, get with me
([Sung sample:] Woo!)

[Double K:] Whip it, whip it, whip it, soul sister!
([Spoken sample:] Oy!) ([Spoken sample:] C'mon!)
Just get it, get it, get it, soul sister!
([Spoken sample:] Oy!) (x2)

[Double K:] (Huh huh huh huh!) ([Sung sample:] Woo!)
I was out on a mission, hanging at night
Smoking some cheeba-cheeba and ran into a fight
Two young brothas and one got dissed
I broke up the fight and it sounded like this:
I said, "There's only one champ, everybody have fun."
One brotha said, "Split!", I pulled out my gun
"No need to act tough, ain't no need to boast"
I said, "I'm just the party rocka from coast to coast"
And everybody started rapping, everybody started clapping
The young man shook my hand
He said, "I didn't wanna fight, not making a scene
It's just [Both:] I ain't got no bread, I'm wearing some old threads"
[Double K:] And in the nick of a time, I sported a fresh rhyme
And at the flick of a J, he was wearing some new vines
I said, "Look, little brotha, quit fussing a mess
Try to rhyme like me, and soon, you'll be fresh ([Sung sample:] Woo!)
[Thes One:] He said, "I'm Under the Stairs, not the ladder and chutes
I keep 'em Faze-O high like Bootsy boots
Tight with the loops like Windsor knot
I'm the rap rooty-toot, all up in your thoughts
Girl, it may take money and may take time
But you will never find another MC with my rhyme
And if you do, that's cool, you just send him my way
And if the sucka say to Double K, he wrote it yesterday
Then he's a lying cheat, a thief and a bum
A hip-hopping lowlife, trying to live in the slums
But the real rap came here to act young
Handclap party people say ,"Cheers!" and have fun
Just throw up your hands from side to side
And let the P vibe make you feel real live
Just throw up your hands from side to side
And let me know your alright, tonight ([Sung sample:] Woo!)
We high five with the…

[Double K:] Whip it, whip it, whip it, soul sister!
([Spoken sample:] Oy!) ([Spoken sample:] C'mon!)
Just get it, get it, get it, soul sister!
([Spoken sample:] Oy!) (x2)

[Double K:] It's the next (next) step (back) in the form of a sound
Party people, make room when we come to your town
[Thes One:] It's the number one sound, hottest thing around
Tuxedo rap, handclap for the people, Howie T
[Howie T sample:] Howie T's in the back with the rap to tap
Into the bassline add it to the 8-track
[Both:] Huh! So take that, Howie T and the P
We settle the score, you need more? And that's what we here for!

Whip it, whip it, whip it!
Just get it, get it, get it! (repeated)

[Spoken sample:] Whip it on 'em!
One time! (repeated and scratched)
[Double K:] Huh huh huh huh!
[Spoken sample:] Whip it on 'em!

[Spoken sample:]
[Florida:] Now, you work all day and then you take an extra job working all night… oh, James, I'm sorry…
[James, Sr.:] Baby, you say you sorry one more time, I'mma give you something to be sorry about in here!… And take your hats off in my house!

[Spoken sample:] That's what be going on sometimes, you know… to a lot of folks it ain't been funny, you know why? 'Cause the dude they with ain't laugh 'cause they had to pay that money… yeah! (?) Dig it? That's going come out wears these overalls…

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