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Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

([Thes One:] Now, who're we? From L.A., California
[Spoken sample:] I can dig it!)

[Thes One:]
Yo, it's the back of the bus bunch, line packed lunch
Mics crush, crunch a drunks, a glass when we smash through
I crash through a minimum, remain slain cynical
Non-lyrical men inject in the vein what we make
Maintain the miracle brain flow rocks
When I roll, your crew raise up like Chollo socks
We could box if we have to, I pull cardboard
Fans ward from the raft to a sound store is last, dude
I mean it, a flow friend fountain pen user
Indiana amor success story like a Hoosier
Now, I been around the world and seen a whole lotta things
Breakfast in London, I had tomatoes and beans
Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Japan, nah, forget it
Travel the world with my fans, they my fam
And I reset to slam when stage I step off
And rocking with my man, Double K
We'll cram any club you can find and sign the check
One, two, rock the mic, pull the plug and we jet

It's like that, y'all, I thought I'd let you know
When the P's in your town, come check the show
It's like this, peace to everybody who rocked
Ay-yo, we're out, next time, catch us on your block (x2)

[Double K:]
It's the P up on stage, the houseparty wrecker
Hanes Her Way inspectors, down to mic check-a
At a jam, away, should we down a 40?
Catch me in the neighborhood, looking hella sporty
When it's time to hit the road, I'm throwing dice, staying nice
Telling all the foreigners I'd like my soda with ice
And make 'em say "Mate, your bugging, quit hugging the mic!"
I freestyle all night until I get the shit right
I'm a perfectionist, professionalist, making up my own words
Nigga, you know I'm superb
Don't give me nothing hundred-proof, I'll blow us all through the roof
And send debris flying everywhere, speaking the truth
And on stage, like props, and everybody know we got it
Throw your hands up in the air when I say, and we can rock it
Yes, yes, to the beats that we making in the streets
Crescent Heights, foregrounds is where I'm keeping my peeps
We captivate the audience, make the people applaud this
Audio superstar, crate diggers going far, deep, and wide
For some records that we threw in the bag
Catch a pint of fine beer then we flag the cab
Hotel, motel, wake up, do it again
We hit the soundcheck, make some female friends
Wild styling like Fab 5, getting it live
Jump off stage, collect the loot, so we can survive
Off to another city where we break in the door
Keep the rider in place, yo, you'll get a dope show
Passing out like a promoter with some flyer when I'm higher
Than the hands in the crowd, ay-yo, just keep the music loud
So fools can hear me mic checking all the way at home
Your b-boy lifestyle, we making it known, yo, we making it known
The P making it known, what? We-w-make-a-make-make
Making it known ([Thes One:] That's right!)
And Thes One is in the house and uh
You know we gonna turn it out
And Double K, yo, I'm in the house, and uh
You know I'm gonna turn it out
And Thes One, he's in the house, and uh
You know we gonna turn it out
And JazMak, he in the house, and uh
You know we gonna turn it out, I said
You know we gonna turn it out
Yo, we gon' turn it out, uh, can you dig it?
([Spoken sample:] I can dig it!)
Can you dig it? Word, word… can you dig it?
([Spoken sample:] I can dig it!)
Hey, hey, can you dig it?
([Spoken sample:] I can dig it!)

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