Too Close

Written by: Christopher Portugal

[Miles:] Thes, I hope you been doing your push-ups, man… 'cause you go-… you gotta take that shit off. That's right, it's a whole new kinda battle tonight, yo…
[DJ Dusk:] So, yo, we gonna keep it rolling like this with no further ado! It's my pleasure to re-introduce to you…
[Cut Chemist:] Baron von- fuck it… uh… Baron v- Wolfgang fuckin' Baron von Wolfgang Thes, fuck it!
([Thes One:] Fuck it!)
[DJ Dusk:] Give it up for my man, Cut Chemist, though, right? Baron von Wolf- Wolfgang von Baron… my man, Thes One, yo, give it up, right? He 'bout to rock this shit!

([Miles:] Change of plans, man, hey…
[Thes One:] You, you comin' with the heat, so I had to change my plan…
[Will.I.Am.:] Okay…
[Thes One:] I wasn't gonna do this… I was gonna do the Weldon Irvine Tribute, I'm not gonna do this…
[Female fan:] Take your shirt off!
[Thes One:] No, man! We don't have to take our clothes off to have a good time…)
[DJ Dusk:] Aiiiite!
([Thes One:] We don't have to take our clothes off…
[Male fan:] Show us your tits!
[Someone on stage:] Oh, wow!
[Female fan:] You don't have to take your shirt off!
[Male fan:] Show us your tits!
[Thes One:] I'm taking this one back! This going out to all the motherfuckers like me who used to watch TV all the fuckin' time! This going out to my man, Jim J. Bullock! Y'all remember his theme song?)

([Thes One:] Y'all remember that shit?)

[Crowd:] Thes One! (repeats)

[DJ Dusk:] There it is. Give it up for my man, Thes, y'all! (echoes)


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