The Trip

Written by: Michael Turner, Christopher Portugal & Andre Satchel

[JazMak:] (Uh… haah…)
Now, normally on tour, it's hella easy to score
Especially when we just need us a little bag of weed
Just to last us through the night and get some more the next day
(But the country of Japan) saw that shit another way
Damn two hundred U.S. bucks for the price of a dime?
Get the hell up out my face, yo, that's committing a crime!
(And now the trip is worth its while) a pair of legs and a smile
Oh, and did I mention that I met her at this club, we saw Quentin
(Didn't 'bout my stage status) and my hotel room
Not knowing that must be the place where I trip on some 'shrooms
You know, they legal in Japan?
([Double K:] Ay-yo, 'Dre, man, you lying!)
I think the theme of Tokyo is based on motherfuckers frying
(Ay-yo, Shibuya is the spot) for the mushroom shops
About a quarter of an ounce is what me and her got
(Ay-yo, we ate the whole thing!) That's what had a nigga tripping
Dancing barefoot in the hallway, feeling just like a hippie
(Tie-dye everywhere I look) man, I'm feeling so great
Bugging off the walls, TV shows, and even my date
(She was even ill and feeling backed up the corner)
Leave it to my crazy ass to throw a glass of water on her (Ahhh!)
(Is it ever gonna stop?) this shit is lasting all night
The trip all went from good to bad when I loc up on Mike
After eight or nine hours, my high finally came down
Don't even smoke cigarettes, but a pack got clowna

[Double K:]
It's a solution with no problem, man, I'm feeling great
Laying next to pretty skins, let the sins begin
I'm cooling and relaxing, and I slowly slow down
Thinking 'bout what I just did, kinda feeling like a kid
Illing with no end, now I hear the noise
But I'm bailing and zoning out, heard nothing but a shout (Ah!)
From my boys in the next room, always hard
No time for laughing, man, I'm in the devil's play-yard
Wishing I was at school, but I'm posted in Tokyo
Trying to get the feeling, yo, trying to smoke a Philly, yo
Pacing back and forth in the hallway had me tripping
Up and down by the grace of a rope, I'm on dope
Hey, y'all remember that arcade (Yeah!)
Thought I heard Ken, Guile, and Zangief having beef
Yo, I was spooked like a modern-day American
In a third-world ghost town (Shh!) Didn't make a sound
Word up, it's gotta stop, I need to cop some reality
Put in a cup, hit it like I shoulda been doing… screwing up!
Hey, man, was this some opium or what?

[Thes One:]
Sitting in my room, door locked, stomach burning
The portable playing "Light My Fire", and it keeps turning
I'm concerned and all being in a foreign land
And not even speaking the language, sitting here in Japan
Starting to trip, the record skips, didn't even notice
I'm sitting on my bed, a tribe tried to keep my focus
Hocus-pocus things disappear, things in my ear, saying
"Remember what you said on 'Ten Tough Guys'? Well, listen here:
You were right, give up the fight, it's all a dream
Now, you're understanding things in this world aren't what they seem
Merely a scheme, convince yourself that you're a human being
Though you see 'em, the others are being paid per diem by your mind
And find yourself a healthy person, you don't question it
The effortless etiquette gets success, man, imagine it:
A big skit, a tisket, a tasket
Your ass kicked the bucket ten minutes ago, so now you know the truth be told
It's all invisible, you made it, hate it or you love it
But fuck it, you're above it, now, you ended it, it's over"
Now I'm sober, can't wake up, "Too bad, you're doing so well
In the life you made up, it's all over…"

[Thes One:] It's all over… it's all over, dude… it's all over…
[Double K:] Hey, word. Thes… Ay-yo, let's see what's up with this groove, man…
[Thes One:] What'd I get s-
[Double K:] Nah, you stay right there. I mean, what's up… Ay-yo, Thes… yo…
[Thes One:] Man… the fuck?…
[Double K:] Man, you need to call home or something, man, you cool?
[Thes One:] Uh… uh, Mike? Mike? Mike, Mike!
[Double K:] Ay-yo, man, save a buck or two! Save a buck or two! Save a buck or two!
[Thes One:] What's up, Mike?
[Double K:] Hey, what's happening, man? You alright? Here, man, let's open up this window and shit, man. Yeah, man, just let this shit play, man. 'S all cool, man. Yeah, just chill out, man, you need to-save a buck or two! Yeah, 'cause I'm tripping too, man, but everything's cool, man, you know… You got 'em outside, man, he's right there waiting for you, man…
[Sung sample:] Man, we couldn't be much higher… (repeats)
[Double K:] Yeah… stay right there, young buddy… Did great… Save a buck or two!

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