The Time Bandit

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] (This one right here's for me mum!)
I'm on my b-boy shit, my b-boy shift
Doing overtime, sprinkle coke on every single rhyme
Makin' sucka duck niggas nervous on purpose
My intention's to issue stitches, fuck your riches, I'm ill, bitches
Go and grab the Good Book, see you got the shook look
Call up one of my crooks, I mean me
In a ski mask, and a flask of 1-5-1
Came to spoil your fun, watch your homeboys run
Heard you say, "This ain't fair!", you outta there
Catch you at a Taco Bell, and serve you straight hell
Dip your cotton candy with embalming fluid
I'm a gangsta-ass hipster of the city, running through with cool shit
Show up to your party uninvited and ruin it
Do drugs at the pulpit and kick it to the congregation
'Bout my one nation, the tree planted by the river
Make a grown man shiver, my bars I deliver
First name "Mista", middle name "Bigga"
Last name "Nigga", my attitude's slicka
I hope you get the picture, it's in my frame of mind
My frame of time, I'm a bandit, can't stand it

[Rap sample:] Do ya like it? ([Spoken sample:] Yeah!)
Do ya want it? (Yeah!)
Do ya like it? (Yeah!)
Do ya want it? (Yeah!)
Would ya flaunt it? (Yeah!)
[Rap sample:] Come on!
[Rap sample:] I leave it up to you!
[Rap sample:] Come on!
[Rap sample:] I leave it up to you!
[Rap sample:] Come on!
[Rap sample:] I leave it up… (echoes)

[Thes One:]
American musical medicine for the world
Rockstar-like bars, distorted guitars and heart pause
I'm like J Page off the R Plant 'cause you can't
Wash it off, hand stamp, I get ramped
Animal Jim, minimal wave suckas
In De-Pesci Mode, we the funny mothafuckas
Don't love it, won't leave it, it's butter, bitch, believe it
I got the gift receipt, I didn't even need it
I kept doubles, I repped rap rubble, bedrock
Foundation, slate, head shelf stuck in the rock
A Fossil, watch the time like Prince
I'm a bar soap, I repeat the beat then I rinse
On spin cycle, me and big Michael like Hillstrand
Captain Sig set the pot, take a fuckin' swig
Drunk in front of the kids, the Dolemite face
My brain's in the right place, even if my heart's not
Ace, I really slash up the place, dipped
The Double on the cut, split rolling stone lips like this

([Rap sample:] Come on! [repeats to end of song])
[Man #1:] Yeah! This one's for me fucking mum! And I'll come out here and I'm gonna fucking do this part for Northampton! This one's for me mum! Yeah! Yeah!
[Double K:] Yeah… Check it out, y'all… Hey, Bernie… Hey, Bernie, tell Gary to bring me some more water, man, it's getting hot in here… can I plank on this track, y'all? Yeah… Hey, Bernie, I see you planking in the control room… Thank you, Bernie! Shit!

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