The Suite For Beaver, Pt. 2

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Thes One:] We're not gonna play any hip-hop tonight.
[Double K:] Aw, shit. Yeah, that's right.
[Thes One:] Ha, that sounds nice.
[Double K:] That's right. What's going down? Yeah, alright. Okay.
[Announcer:] See, I think I'll just…
[Double K:] Go to the studio today… What? Yeah. Ho! What's going down, bro? Yeah, I can feel ya. Yeah, man, you promoting still? Alright. It's okay.
[Thes One:] We partying… we partying…
[Double K:] Yo… yo… what's up with you, fool? Haaaaa. This fool Thes One. Ay-yo, what's up, Thes?

[Thes One:]
I walk in, talking to friendly faces in my aces
Drinking beer, smoking beedis in the back where the bass is
The place is packed, doubly stacked with ladies of nice asses
The only ice rocked is in glasses (alright)
I move on, the DJ rocks a new song
People flooding the dance floor, just to get their groove on
To that old funky and tough, the speaker bump buff
JB horns blowing, they throw in some black stuff
And the crowd goes nuts like a disco dream
Seat reserved for Thes, candlelit, table is clean
The brown wicker chair, looking like Al Green
Sitting back, legs crossed, straight checking out the scene
([Double K:] Oh no!)
Crowd looking and slinging to Eddie Bo
While I'm walking to the bar 'cause my drink's getting low
I need a Long Island Iced Tea, double, no ice
Something fruity for these two cuties 'cause they look nice
They giggle and they whisper, her friend called me Mister
Thes One of the P, she's getting geeked, so I kissed her on the cheek
Double stepped in ([Double K:] Yeah, what's up, y'all?)
I see these pretty dudes eyeballing from the wall and I stepped back
([Double K:] Man.) This is a family party! We don't act ill
So I'mma tell these young punks that they gots to chill

[Double K:]
Woah, they say the bigger the headache, the bigger the pill
People Under The Staircase dropped, ya feel?
I'm smelling like dope and I'm shooting for more
Eyes glued to the nookie moving slow on the floor
I say she hella sexy and her friends were markable
Conversation was rolled up… yeah, sparkable
But wait, here come my nigga from the big bad Heights
Said he had to stash the yee so it won't be no fights
See, real niggas do it right 'cause we partying, y'all
Don't need no flowers on the wall, I need a glass that's tall
Full of the "Strong" Island to get the KK wiling
I spot Thes One with some freaks and they smiling
I slide to the bar, being the coolest, ya dig?
Tell my man, "The usual, plus a shot for the kid"
He did his bartender thizzle, got my order in a jif
He spotted suckas looking cool like they wanna get with me
But, man…

[Thes One:] ?? these guys, man
[Double K:] I ain't dosed with these dudes, you know what I'm saying?
[Thes One:] They don't understand…
[Double K:] They don't even know… you know?
[Thes One:] But… check it out, ladies
[Double K:] All the girls… tuh…
[Thes One:] Uh huh…
[Double K:] So they can see where we…
[Thes One:] Alright, dog…

[Double K:]
Yo… see, this is my house, and I know everybody here
We all bubbly like the beginning of the year on the eve
Turn that shit off, I ride rougher than that, my pride's tougher than that
My niggas kicking raps in the corner, I jump in, like
"Hop hop hippy" to the "you don't quit", Double Mike is legit
I get pounds from my friends, I do the Flavor Flav and I jet
Then get my whistle wet, but, oops, I couldn't forget
Yo, remember that light-skinned, big Freak of the Week
Walked up, feeling like one of the members of Chic
I said, "Baby, I'm full of 'Good Times', let me touch your '(Funny) Bone'
Is it cool if we go home together?"… "Whatever," she smiled
Yo, I could tell she was playful like a child
I grabbed her hand, said "C'mon, it's time to party down!"
You know?

[Double K:] I know you wanna party down right?
[Roscoe:] Hey! What's up, Mike?
[Double K:] Hey, is that your friend over there? You tell her to come on over here and get with the program, okay?
[Roscoe:] Hey, Mike. Man, I'm glad you came through, man. Did you have a ball or what, man?
[Double K:] I know, here's my boy Thes One. Don't be afraid, he don't bite. Yeah, he fresh, know what I'm saying?
[Roscoe:] Aw, naw. Now, I see you with the lady and all, man, but check me out, man, I got to talk to you for a minute, man, yo, I'm glad you came through.
[Double K:] Yeah, now, he don't bite either…
[Roscoe:] Now, ya- now, look, lady, I ain't gonna bite ya, it- Yo, check it out. Big Mike, what's going down?
[Double K:] Yeah… that's right… well, can- can ya dig it?
[Roscoe:] She can dig it, man. Just cool out.
[Double K:] Let's go outside for a minute, have a smoke with me.
[Roscoe:] Hey, Mike, where ya going, man? Fuck it, I'mma party then, yo! Shit!
[Double K:] Alright, Thes One, you be cool.
[Roscoe:] Look, ma- yo, what's up, Chris? Yo, com- aw, shit…
[Double K:] Yeah, yeah…
[Roscoe:] I'mma go get me a lady, man… yeah, party, party… hey, this was a real cool party, y'all… made a whole lot of money at the bar… yeah… these tables is fucked up! Oh…

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