The Strand

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

([Double K:] Hell yeah!)

[Double K:]
The flow is 2 a.m., I'm at it again
Me and the beat tight like a pad and a pen
Juice and gin, Teller and Penn, money and sin
Contested on your Fright Night, no one could contend
Just give me a windbreaker, and I'm off in the night
Rap burglar, murdered the first Herb who claimin' they never heard
The rhyme giant defyin', I do it my way
Hydroplainin' on the highway, leanin' sideways
Crime pays, these rhymes slay, leave 'em in the dust
Mike, the Angel of Music, In George We Trust
Rhyme pattern ridiculous, the conspicuous loc'ed out
Smoked out, be rushin' the stage and get choked out
Hotter than Death Valley in the summer, ya bish
Make a wish, blow it out, I'm the re-up up in the drought
Mixing stout with a lager, powered up like a logger
So peep me on the news when I silence your favorite blogger
Blam!... One shot, knock knock 'em out the box
And I'm off to the land... at the Strand.

[Thes One:]
Study the flow, I freeze beef like Francis Bacon
You're tuned in to genuine history in the makin'
When will the P stop? Nobody knows
I construct prose with the tenor that my tenure bestows
In closed captioned, you see what I'm rappin' right on the screen
Like a limousine commercial, my Rap City in between
The blue and red, it's life in my two-team city
Where being dead is just the next episode like Dre said
From pre-natal, success is not final, failure is fatal
So I wake up everyday with a plan to play like potato
([Rap sample: All eyes on me!) And comin' straight out the underground
I palaver with all my fans and find a common ground that's real
We press it on vinyl, it can't be killed
If you throw it away, eternity rockin' a landfill
Until I'm refound or reground, you never know
But infinitely longer than a DatPiff download
Just one zero one zero, binary fairies are very different
From the heroes from rap's yesteryears to present
But I'm still here, he's still here, we still drink beer
And take it to the stage at least half of the year
So when you see Double and Thes on Southwest gettin' drunk
With no baggage and no overhead, just throw up the funk
'Cause it's not dead, in fact, it's very alive, now
The OGs with OG kush blow out your SoundCloud
On the Strand...

[Sung sample:] (You walk a) physical rhyme, physical rhyme, physical motherfucking rhyme
I got physical rhyme, physical rhyme, physical motherfucking rhyme

[Announcer:] Helping you get back on track
The 12 Step Program with Mike and Chris (Oh yeah!)... WRLA
Helping you get back on track
The 12 Step Program with Mike and Chris (Oh yeah!)... WRLA


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