The Mike & Chris Story

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Sung sample:] Aaaaa-angel, aaaaa=angel
Na na na… (repeats throughout track)

[Double K:] Shit, man… I remember, coming up, man, we was pumping all that, man, that… the Eric B and the Rakim, man, you know, then we flipped it up, probably throw on some old school cuts, some Parliament, you know, some Vaughan Mason & Crew… you know? Shit, man, I love music, you know what I'm talking about?

[Double K:] (Yo…)
Some people like going out at night, you know
A movie and a dinner, it makes 'em feel right
Some folks love TV until they can't see
All I need is a funky tune and I feel complete
And since I was a youngster, I always felt this way
Before I grabbed my bookbag, make sure I had the tape
Full of the dope jams, and extra battery backups
In eighth grade, I used to sing, "do that stuff!"
Way ahead of my time with the taste I had developed
Was making so much noise, the girls would say, "shut the hell up!"
I replied with a beat box, and keep it pushing
Like it's the hard surface, and the rhythm is the cushion
To this day, I get vexed if my song ain't next
Funkadelic, E.T., I'll be pumping during sex
When I die, I'll return in the form of a bass guitar
And every time you hear it, you'll know I ain't far
'Cause I love…

[Thes One:] …music, man. It's what it comes down to, you know. We just had that kid, and we were up in the hospital. He was a day old, and we took the little tiny speakers, and we put 'em in his little crib, and all he heard was some Stereolab and some Public Enemy, Eric B and Rakim, some Average White Band. It's funny 'cause he loves Average White Band. I think he's gonna love music….

[Thes One:]
You wit' your girl, butt naked, and you're smokin' some
([James Brown sample:] Hey!)
Sitting on a full stomach, only thing that you need is some…
([Double K:] Shit… aw, shit, baby, go on over there and turn them jams up for me… woo wee!)
Road trip wit' yo' homies and you got a bunch of snacks
Thousand miles to go, you got a full tank of gas, you need…
([Double K:] Shit, man, what y'all wanna hear? I got some Bone Thugs, man, I got some Beatnuts, and I got some Kool Moe Dee… what y'all want?)
Since birth, one of the first things I remember
Is Earth, Wind & Fire; specifically, "September"
House so full of music, every night before I went to bed
Dad grabbed the wooden spoons and put the pots on my head
Why? The human drum set at age four
My parents having parties, more bounce through the door
KDAY, taping over tapes with the urgency
You know, covered the holes ([Spoken sample:] They're using my tape!)
Aw, shit, I think I ruined his Kool and the Gang
With six "La Di Da Di"'s and a "It's My Thing"
And then, why'd I flip it over to record the Mixmasters
Fifth grade with the Walkman, acting like a little bastard
The teachers always tried to take it away
Hey, the kid couldn't live without music for one day
Yeah, from Cat Stevens to Led Zeppelin to Ziggy Marley
To Ziggy to Zhane to Zulu Nation Parties
Ironic, how the Death Mix, it makes you feel alive
I've known I love music since about '85, it's…

[Sung sample:] Music…
[Rap sample:] Didn't even get a chance to grab my old scool tape…

[Spoken sample:] Word!

[Rap sample:] We've got the funk…

[Blewfoot:] See, you cats, man… you know, it was… it was, it was tight! You know? Yeah. Beautiful days back then, man. You know? But they ain't be like that no more, you know... Everything's so wishy-washy now, everything's fucked up, you know, but it's like whatever it is now, man, but you are killing… but you cats are keeping it real, you know, but all these other niggas wanna keep on making… putting them porno hos, wanna keep on… man, let the poor women alone already, man! God damn! Just have fun, man! You know what I'm sayin'? (echoes)

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