The Love

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] (Uh.)
We goin' against dudes, flowin' against dudes
Turnt up in the lounge, hangin' out real rude and
These girls, they look like food
This beat got me inside another mood and
I'm the illest MC that you ever heard
A thousand grams inside a dope bird
Fly as a wannabe, microphone master
Y'all take pills while the funk get me faster
Ghetto blaster, loud for the heaven and
Love gettin' onstage pointin' and tellin' it
But I gotta get off, hit the J and cough
Pass to a stranger, I'm a danger
Nigga, ya Kramer, show me the love
Pouring above in the back of the club
I saw my homie, said "What up, Cuz?"
He through the peace sign and said "What up, Cuz?"
Shot for the team, liquidation, become a patient
Wrath of the Math in the back of the class
While my teacher ask, "Where your ghetto pass?"
In my back pocket, you wanna see me rocket? I'mma blast off
Straight to the black hole, Big Bang Theory
Shots to everyone, Thes hear me
Gimme a cigarette, Denis Leary

[Sung sample:] Love's... too high, too high, yeah (x4)
[Spoken sample:] Love. (scratched and repeated)

[Thes One:]
Y'all dudes talkin' that smack on the Internet
Stay talkin' 'bout rap and what's relevant
Elephant in the room, fact that we fill a room
On any continent and then tear it down a little bit
Did it for the fans, did it for the plans
That me and my mans made when we turned sixteen, dude
From the Next Step to the 12 Step
Kept it correct and never neglected the campaign
True blue 'til I die, wonder why
Must be the love I received from all of y'all
Back and forth like a volleyball over the net
Analog dialog, may it always connect to men
Mike and Chris'll rip a mic like this
Put a light to this and spend a night like this
With a couple of beers, a couple of peers
And seriously, the P got a catalog for your ears
But nevertheless, Thes and Dub not done
All of you stress just to cause problems
Pass to your man, like, "Damn, yo, we not done!"
Not a problem make us stop, so we call them
Haters collect, like ([Spoken sample;] "Hello?"), check it out
George Jefferson strut, and then I'm walkin' it out
No money, no problem, no matter, we can solve 'em
Rock a beat, chuck a peace sign out like Arsenio

[Sung sample:] Love's... too high, too high, yeah (repeated)
[Child:] Double K and Thes One are People Under The Stairs. Yeah?
[Thes One:] Yup. And we're awesome, right?
[Child:] Yup, they're awesome!
[Spoken sample:] Love. (scratched and repeated)

[Sung sample:] Love's... too high, too high, see the... (repeated)
[Spoken sample:] Spend love. (repeated)
[Spoken sample:] You have to find love...

[Mayor:] Now, if I can at this moment, let me try to relate (scratched and repeated)... to whatever questions you may have... Yes, sir?
[Constituent:] Mayor, you spoke earlier about, like, the frustrations, uh… that black people, uh, have been going through and are going through...


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