The L.A. Song

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] Yo… a lot of people be stepping to us, like, "Y'all from San Francisco, right?" Nah, G, we show a lot of love for the state of California from Humboldt to Oceanside, ya dig? But L.A. is where it all happens for the Dub and Thes One. All you MCs say "L.A." when you on stage, and when you booth-spitting that hot verse… We gon' make it happen, man!

[Double K:]
Who wan' test? We licking off shots in the West
We make believers out the best, lay the weak to rest
In Southern Califor-now, ain't no place like this
Half the stuff y'all doing, we created the shit
So don't be sagging, young buck, in the presence of this
Don't even come from the city, and you running your lip
I'm 'bout to make a call, get the news van out
Explain to Tritia Toyota on how your crew ran out
We coming live from the trey-two-three area code
Mad clouds of smoke and ain't no room for snow
Uh, sucka niggaz with sucka beats, stay in the back seat
And buckle up for the ride, I'm chilling with bad guys
And got time on my side 'cause this is my city, this is where I live
And if you bring bad vibes, I got something to give
Hanging out under the sun is an everyday thang
And getting crazy in the lab's the only way I bang
Don't step to me with that mean face
Buddy, I'm all smiles, and I'm counting the miles
Down Crescent Heights Boulevard, home of the stars
Get you pulled out your car for fronting too hard
Just listen: you ain't down with the streets, my brother?
I can forsee in your future, there's some running for cover
A lot of y'all talk a good game, but ain't playing
I learned up out the hood, and now a field is where you staying
Fools be giving you the mad dog after the show
'Cause we ain't feeling them flows or your designer clothes
It's phony people in L.A., I counted, it's a lot
And if they ain't a snitch or a bull, then they're claiming your block
Just get it right, it's Crescent Heights, all day, all night
The community where I was raised, living my days
Wishing I could be the mayor, I'd deport you fools
And send you back to Squareland 'cause over here we rude
Authentic people in the town, throw up your dub, take a drag
It's Double K signing off from the home of the bodybags

[Spoken sample:] L.A.
[Rap sample:] Got beef for the fee
[Spoken sample:] L.A.
[Rap sample:] Any rapper in the house, shut the fuck up! (x2)

[Thes One:]
Now, about five years after they killed Creeper
The hot wrestling move is the sleeper, drug dealers rock beepers
Tee tops, Jheri curls, jelly flip-flops for girls
Stevie's on the strip and a commercial for world
On wheels, I whistle to my crew up on the block
The Colors soundtrack rocked the Fatburger jukebox
My L.A. USC memories are emery sticks
Who filed down clowns claiming the same tricks
On this turf, my roots go deep like Turbo Nerf
And the cops still sweat us, I roll on all blocks
Like I'm sellin paletas and rock the bells
Home of the drive-by where they pop the shells
I eat at Chano's and La Barca, not Taco Bell
And if you're not from the city, then you should probably bail
'Cause a lot of cats are implants, claiming
"Our label's something to say and something to prove," and
At the shows with the flows, and they think the crowd's grooving
It's like the 405 at 5:30: nobody's moving
I'm tired of non-recognition, losing the mission
To proving to cats that my soundtrack's an L.A. hat
When New Jacks drop New York rap on a block with a palm tree
It makes me sick, all you underground producers
Get off Premier's dick and just ([Spoken sample:] Chill…)
I'm headed back to Pedro to sit up on the hill
Next to the Korean Bell, eating Busy Bee
Watchin waves swell, high-visibility, Catalina, and sail boats
Hollywood hip hop soaps and sitcom dreams
I make morphine for beat fiends
Support L.A. teens, stay tripping with Cal Green
O.G. Jerry Duffey when I'm on your screen
I'm friends with neighborhood crackheads and I know Ben
L.A. is the place where I solve my problems
In it, I'll never fear, I'll always stay here
'Cause when I'm in L.A., my family's near

[Spoken sample:] L.A.
[Rap sample:] Any rapper in the house, shut the fuck up!
[Spoken sample:] L.A.
[Rap sample:] I can't stop because the city I'm from
[Spoken sample:] L.A.
[Rap sample:] Got beef for the fee
[Spoken sample:] Californ-i-a
City of Angels, L.A., Californ-i-a
City of Angels, L.A., Californ-i-a
City of Angels, L.A., Californ-i-a
City of Angels, L.A., Hollywood!

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