The Hang Loose

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] Party people in the place to be!

[Double K:] Ha! Say what? Hey!
[Thes One:] Yeah.
[Double K:] Hey, what's going down man? We just partying… Ah huh huh… say, Brother, I heard you rap… show me something!

[Thes One:]
I'm a cool Latin lover, Libra disco king
And the ladies all scream when I'm on the scene
I got a gold-plated plane to fly 'round the world
Just to pick up the mothers of fine little girls
I'm in the house, y'all, and it's a family affair
And you can bring your sister, she can clip my hair
If she ain't there, well then, I'm shit outta luck
I'm in the house with Mickey Mouse and a-Donald Duck
You're like Rerun, trying to catch my truck
It's me and Double, stay chilling up in the cut
We're like Starsky and Hutch but a little more def
I keep the 40 on my right and all the women on my left
I got a gold-plated pitbull made outta ice
Yo, his bark ain't loud, but he sure ain't nice
And if you ask me twice, I'mma tell you the same
It's rap basketball and Doctor J is the name
'Cause I'm bound to go down in the Hall of Fame
And you can see my picture chilling up in the gold frame
Tight that, y'all, and you just don't stop
Unless you're playing Pac Man and running from the cops
It's like a nice chocolate sundae with a cherry on top
I've got a leather Cadillac and I love to hip hop
'Cause people always say the P ain't about nothing
But that's for the birds like Thanksgiving stuffing
'Cause when I disco, I always prove my point
Ay-yo, I'm out, baby brother, pass Double the joint
and hang loose…

[Spoken sample:] Hang loose! (Hang loose!)
Hang loose y'all! (Hang loose!) (x2)
[Double K:] (Ah huh huh… Ho! Ah huh huh… real fresh, real fresh, real fresh…)

[Double K:] ([Spoken sample:] Hang loose)
Like a lady that just gave birth, Double K's my name and L.A. is my turf
I said we party all night like Kool and the Gang
Me and the little brother Thes came to show our fame
We break the girls' hearts and make the jams start
Surprise the sleepy-heads like a fresh Pop-Tart
We up jump the boogie like a Scooby-doo
Smoke a doobie or two and hanging out with the crew
I keep the green trees, so my cars smell fresh
Take a bath in diamonds, I only want the best
Keep my lady well-dressed, never settle for less
Like a cold can of Miller straight out the ice chest
I don't wear Calvin Klein, I wear Louis Vuitton
And that's word to you mothers and brothers of Islam
Party people live long 'cause it's just begun
Gather in the same place just to have some fun
With the cool party rocker, the old folk shocker
The wack rhyme stalker, take a piece of something proper
I'm out for the cash, here to have a blast
Couple of friends and some laughs, smoking up my hash
Got a smile on my face 'cause I own the place
I got rhymes from Detroit straight to outer space
MCs shut your trap while I kick the old rap
Party down with my friends, some skinny, some fat
But one thing's for sure, if we all hang loose
We tell stories 'bout our rhymes like a Mother Goose
Or a Doctor Seuss, it's the rap and a half
So take that party people, take that, huh huh huh huh yeah…

[Spoken sample:] Hang loose! (Hang loose!)
Hang loose y'all! (Hang loose!) (x4)
([Double K:] Huh ha!
[Thes One:] Funky chicken…
[Double K:] Huh ha! Hey, man, watch my coat! Ah huh huh. Hey! Hey!
[Thes One:] Woo!
[Double K:] Ha, so fresh, we hang loose
So fresh, we're so fresh, we're so fresh, so fresh
I say people so fresh, the feet are so fresh, get out on our face
Then we fuck
it up and we rock the mic, we just do whatever we like
I say, we tune up the car and drive real far
And get out of the car, go into a bar
We get a couple drinks and we just don't think
And say we, the baby brothers, and we're ha ha ha ha!
Yeah, say what, we hang loose, so fresh, we hang loose
C'mon, brother, party!)

[George W. Bush sample:] And one of the things you can do as a seventh-grader and all of us can do is remember that!

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