The Grind (Ste. For Peter Pt. 2)

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample:] Look, man, we gotta think about this together. We gotta take our time, and you and me are gonna come up with something. We're gonna figure out how to get this money. We have to press these records. We need the money, okay? Let's think about this. We'll work as a team, and we'll come up with something, alright? Let's work on it!

[Double K:] (Ha!)
Never flipped keys, might've sold an eighth or a dime
I grind and hustle, it always involved the rhyme
Travelling, dealing with different zones of time
Done work equal hard play, we pay dues and shine
Hit the studio… whoops! I gotta feed my dog
Truncate the funky loop, and Thes says he'd gotta call
And retail's waiting, so no time for chasing a spotlight
Gotta call it an early night, gotta make sure this product's right
The label's set a deadline, now we on the go
The agency got a show, wake up
We catch wreck, keep the sound correct
Lay down the vocals and the levels are next
This is what it's like in the world of a b-boy maniac
Do the world tour: car, plane and Amtrak
I ain't a business, man, but I'm the businessman
Working like an entrepenuer with the wealth all planned
Never had my hand out, don't nobody owe me
But promoters and record labels still give me and the homie
What we came here for (word)
Or in the meantime, we'll have somebody at your door…

[Double K:] Ay-yo… ay-yo, what's up, man. Yo, it's been a few weeks, you ain't returned our calls or nothing, so you know, we just came to check this out, man… I mean, where's the money at, you know? You see my hand out? And I ain't leaving 'til my hand's back in my pocket, you dig?

[Both:] In the meantime, I gotta earn one
We gotta earn one, man, in the meantime
I said we work hard, in the meantime
And in the meantime, man, I gotta earn one
I gotta earn one, in the meantime
So in the meantime, yeah, we work hard
Ay-yo, we work hard, in the meantime
([Double K:] In the meantime, man, I gotta earn one)

[Thes One:] (Yeah, yeah, yeah…)
You know, we stay on the go, and gotta see things progressing
And work hard, like a man from the Depression
Picking the pennies in any job, I think I gotta
For the satisfaction, the action, the earned dollar
You gotta understand, that's why we floss when we spend a lot
Busting our backs in the studio like Tupac
And like Pac, we got bossed by our label
But it doesn't matter, the hard work is spinning on your turntable
So many hours, man, you wouldn't believe
Hanging up the hat and the coat, we rolling up the sleeves
Getting hot, thinking the clock is breathing down my neck
There's not enough hours, but so many things to do yet
Gotta catch a jet at eleven, pacific time
But it's crossing the Date Line, and we'll be in Sydney by nine
The idle time on the plane's got me itching
Hard work is the calamine, put the cook in the kitchen
Man, let him stir it up, bring in the new flavor
And fax the contracts with some business behavior
Believe in the beats, the track record's been shown
Fourteen years on the MPC gave me Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, man
I'm still plans with my aching hands
Staying up all night, making it funky for the fans
If it doesn't earn, I know I'll get another turn
'Cause we put in work like a Crip burning the sherm
([Double K:] Hey, hom… what, hom?)
It's the P, huh, it's the P, huh, it's the P for you
It's the P, check it out…

[Thes One:] In the meantime (yeah), we're gonna earn some (yeah)
We're gonna earn some up in the meantime ([Double K:] Ooh yeah)
We be the P, my brother, and yes we earn ours
We gonna earn it up in the meantime
And when we earn ours, we're gonna buy some nice cars
And some yachts, and some houses
And some dogs, and some dolphins
And some homies…
([Double K:] You can't understand it, man… ?... You know what I mean… yeah, ha!)

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