The Fun (Ste. For Peter Pt. 1)

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample:] Just tell them 'bout all the money you gonna make. 'Cause you know we gonna have album covers, posters…
[Spoken sample:] I'm talking major labels…
[Spoken sample:] That's real fresh, brother…
[Spoken sample:] You gonna be a superstar, you gonna have to check out the style…
[Rap sample:] And they so full of money (repeats)

[Thes One:]
Stay on the go, yep, comfortable living
I pull up at the stoplight, charitable giving
Sure, wash my windshield, homie, here's a twenty
God bless, no I don't need no change for my money
That's the fruit of my labor, the fresh flavor gives me juice
To pull up in your country any time and get loose like Shibuya
We threw the yen in the air
Gave the girl ten G's just to braid Double's hair
Drank Pocari Sweat, jumped on a jet and went to Stockholm
You suckas stuck in L.A. (Man, I called. Dude, he's not home!)
Hey, my bad! The local lifestyle is too common
I dipped to see the tomb of Mr. Tutankhamun
On the Nile with a smile to Nubia with my lady
We had so much fun, we made a goddamn baby
And now he's here, and we keep him in Carter's gear
When he's old, he'll be Old Money, flower in the boutonniere
For now, we keep his little butt in Montessori
If you bought The Next Step, then you helped write the story
While me and Double K making sucka crews furious
They're at their best, and they're still looking bicurious, pff!

I try to cop one, in the meantime, uh
I try to cop… but hey
In the meantime, I try to cop one
I try to cop one up in the meantime
But in the meantime, I try to cop one
I try to cop one up in the meantime
In the meantime, ([Double K:] Yeahhh…) I try to
[Both:] Cop one
[Thes One:] And I try to
[Both:] Cop one, but in the meantime
[Thes One:] Because…

[Both:] The bottom line ([Double K:] Eh, what's that, man?)
Is the dollar sign ([Thes One:] Two times!)
You get yours, yo, and I'll get mine
You get yours, yeah, and I'll get mine
Uh, lookout! The bottom line ([Thes One:] One time!)
Is the dollar sign ([Thes One:] Well, two times!)
You get yours, yo, and I'll get mine
[Thes One:] You get yours, yeah, and I'll get mine, Double K!
([Double K:] Hey… What's going on, man? Uh huh-huh-huh!)

[Double K:]
Gimme a dub on the black hand, my man
Yeah, I got the tab, baby, here, slide him a gram, word
There's a fan, so I pose and take a flick
He said he want a smoke, so I threw him a brick (here you go, man)
The General of Generosity
Posted in your city center, blowing sacks like a tenor
When I'm in the Netherlands, no matter the weather
Me and my man's get busy, headed for the night shift
At the bar, buying shots for strangers, we living
A toast to the boogie and the P's new movie
You can view it in 3-D and you might see
The exhaust as we take off in New York City
Hit the library, we taking gems off the wall
Pass 'em out to the crowd that night
It's Big Mike, outside in a limo with the bubbly on chill
But first, ignore these young niggas trying to keep it real
We off to Wakiki, flower shirts on the scooter
L.A.-style, puffing on a hooter
We make it rain… nah, man, we hurricane
Long island iced teas, live it up for the Gs
Stuff 'em in my left pocket
See rocket don't smoke, and rocket don't choke
But rocket sure enjoys white wine on the boat
It ain't a fairy tale, we do it very well, so, uh…

In the meantime, I gotta cop one
I try to cop one, but in the meantime
And in the meantime, I gotta cop one
I'm 'bout to cop one, but
([Thes:] Yeahhh…)
[Both:] In the meantime
([Double K:] Yo…
[Thes One:] Lookout, y'all…)

[Double K, with intermittent Thes One:]
The bottom line, yeah, is the dollar sign
I said, you get yours, yo, and I'll get mine
You get yours, yo, and I'll get mine
([Thes One:] Uh, lookout!)
The bottom line
([Double K:] What is it my brother?
[Thes One:] Yeah!)
Is the dollar sign
([Double K:] Check it out
[Thes One:] Two times)
You get yours, yo, and I'll get mine
([Double K:] Me and Thes One, we gotta get it… no, we gotta get it…
[Thes One:] You get yours, yo, we gotta... you know, we…)

[Double K:] Hey, man, how much that cost? Yo, it don't even matter, man… psst… you know what I'm saying? Man, give that nigga a hundred dollars!

[Rap sample:] Rocks out for some recreation
[Rap sample:] Dressed in suede
[Rap sample:] Rocks out for some recreation
[Rap sample:] Gotta spend cash money, keep this game alive

[Both:] You know we stay on our feet from nine to five
'Cause the boys from the P don't take no jive! Rrrah!

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