The Doctor And The Kidd (feat. George Clinton)

Written by: Michael Turner & George Clinton

[George Clinton:] And your traveling with, uh… Kidd Drunkadelic…
All looped up on that, um… Rap rhyme juice…
And, uh, when you inhale it, you can smell it on his breath…
(You can tell it if you smell it…) You can tell it when you smell it…
(If you inhale it…) Drinking that rap rhyme juice…
He can feel it… (You can smell it…) Oh yeah! (If you inhale it…)
A lot of, um… Lyrical linguistics supported by alcoholic ballistics
Blowing your mind…
In the time it take him to inhale in vocal rhyme ripping up the tracks
Derailing your train of thought…
(Coming at you from the blind side of your mind…)
You thought he didn't? You thought you farted, but you shitted
(The wheeze is serious this time…)
He's half him age and was still battling chumps like you chill at will
And start scattering outwards and outright never back to the mic
Half you punks don't even hold it right it's plain to see that
He's traveling on the right track that's slowly unraveling before him
(In that hole behind the house…) And there's none after
He's so far ahead of himself, he coming up in behind hindsite
(If he only gaze, he gonna give you a push…)
He once took an injunction out on himself
He supposed to stay fifty feet within himself
I think he see himself coming, he better run
So he runs his mouth and off he goes
(Do you sense what I heard?)
You could smell it if you inhale it, Kidd Drunkenstein
Yeah, drinking that rap juice…

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