The Cat

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K sample:] Peep this out, then…
[Spoken sample:] And that ain't all!
[Double K sample:] One time for your mind!
[Spoken sample:] And that ain't all!
[Double K sample:] Peep this out, then…
[Spoken sample:] And that ain't all!

[Spoken sample:] Just about ready to do that thing
Just about ready to do that thing
And that ain't all! (x2)
[Spoken sample:] Go on and rap…

[Thes One:]
It's the beat bumping, late-night, 4 a.m. freeway anthem
Full tank of gas, pass others up, now alone on the road, and keep going
That's how I feel on the steel when I start flowing
Verbs not slowing, just showing the P can get better
In fact, I ran a beat on track for varsity letter, earn, burn acetates
Cold-rocking at shows, make Latinos slam down their dominoes
([Spanish voice:] Eh-eh, homes!) Double K'll pose a threat
To all you 0-5 pros to represent the land West where the sunset grows
([Rap sample:] Well, if you know like I know)
Then you're best to move faster
'Cause we been rocking since the days of black scratch masters
Now it's all in different colors, yo, that's cool to me
Minority of y'all can still get down with the P
Who didn't make a beat gay for radio play, so you could feel it
You in Walmart and see our CD? Then you should steal it!
You could deal it on a corner with a sack and a brew
([Rap sample:] I'm gonna get down) We Do the Do
Act dumb, drink beers with bums, dig through the crates
Looking for plates of crusty grills of static to jam
Like the rusty semi-automatic weight in your hand
Spread gold 'cross the land like Midas owning a farm
Thes One put the arthritis in your tone arm
When I'm…

[Spoken sample:] Just about ready to do that thing
Just about ready to do that thing
And that ain't all! (x2)

[Double K:]
The bad seed and the wise guy, trouble we brew up, real slow
Through bass lines that's tough like three-plies
It used to be three guys, but now it's only two
Rolling up and down the Coast, the funk'll have you comatose
You probably seen us onstage or wylin' at a discoteque
Up or down, any form or fast, we love to catch wreck
And I'mma put that on my drunk-driving homie who might
At any time, 'cause my rhyme and the wine don't combine
It's like vodka and NyQuil, a dizzy overkill
The vibe'll put you in shock, like Kwikset, we got it locked down
We Westbound, like the players in '74, I know you paid a dint over
We 'bout to give you more 'cause we rich in flavor
Plus we your saviors of ordinary underground rap music
It's time to lose it and get wit' it, come and kick it with the duo
And ain't that really time for them two brothers that you know
Who stay solid gold, one finger in the air
Everybody in the house, give it up for the strange pair
We forbid you to bite (Word, you know that's right)
Ay-yo, Thes, pack up the records, lock it up for the night
I would say that I'm out, but there's a song after this
So, uh… I'll see you later…

[Spoken sample:] Dance… brother!
Dance… brother!
And that ain't all!
Dance… brother
And that ain't all!

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