Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Sung sample:] I wanna let you know
I really have to go to see my dentist

[Thes One:] (My god, what the fuck?)
God damn my teeth hurt! Sitting in the chair, like:
"Whatever's wrong with them, just fix it, I don't care
Yeah, yeah, I got insurance, just take the damn X-ray!"
([Dental assistant (Double K):] Hey, what's up, B?)
The dental assistant is a big frigging essay
(Hey, your teeth are fucked up, man!)
Yeah, thanks, tell me something I didn't know
Ain't been in the chair since ten years ago
And now he's lookin mad at me 'cause I got cavities
The dentist is pissed, with the the tool gum-stabbing me
The drool from gravity's all over my shirt
The dentist grabbed his drill and is like, "Alright, tell me if this hurts."
"Ow, fuck! God damn it, man!" (Hey, hey, hey, calm down, loc!)
He's revving up the drill, I can taste my tooth smoke
Just then, this fine girl comes in like, "Portugal
Your dental insurance is invalid!"
"Oh, word?" I jump up, run out the god-damn front door
I'm off to Western Dental, to lie some more… I'll get it fixed!

[Sung sample:] I wanna let you know
I really have to go to see my dentist
([Dental assistant:] That fucking essay, man; he didn't even fucking pay us, homes! Fuckin pussy! Didn't even get his fucking teeth fixed, eh! Scared little girl, homes!)

[Spoken sample:] Together, you can find the grooviest of movies, and a line of friends that never ends, and thugs and drugs and lots of perfectly wonderful parties… and one day… you two maybe become three…

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