Taller Gomez (Bloquera)

Written by: Christopher Portugal, Alex Newman, Jamaan McLaren, Sir Kado & Superbrush 427

Hey, have you heard of Taller Gomez? (Yeah.)
Oh yeah, I know you know Taller Gomez (Yeah, yeah, yeah.)
Tell me have you heard of Taller Gomez
Oh yeah, I know you know Taller Gomez

In the history of Baja, never a larger Latino
I heard he got his weight up with the mega three aminos
Born and raised in Santa Rosalia to a man that ran a panaderia
Knocked his mother up and said "See ya!"
Out he goes, adios, he was on his own with Mom
She brought him up right, so he stood tallest of alls
Played baseball, football, was always into something
Chompin' on ceviche when a DJ came bumpin'
Into town, Armando, Nando for short
And Taller dropped his jaw as he watched him hold court
Rockin' on the mic, pumpin' up the discoteca
Sayin' "Ah, dios mio! Boy, it's just so fresca!"
The DJ stayed extra days, they played zesca
Showed him how to rock the stage fresher
And blessed him with a jacket made of leather
That said "Def home" on it
Even gave him his name, and you know he grew to own it
Soon enough, he blew up, hoping for el supergroupo Menudo
Had the honeys barking like a chucho
He left town with them and the legend extended
Up above to the man we all know and love
A couple years ago, hit the road to San Quintin
Gave the jacket back to Nando when he saw him on the scene
Heard he tore the loc up and pimped him down that night
And you can ask, all the townies babble when you wanna pass, like

Tell me have you heard of Taller Gomez
Oh yeah, I know you know Taller Gomez (Yeah, yeah.)

I heard his father played banda, in the band he was a tubist
Can't recall the group's name, but the people called him Brutus
His mother was Francesca, a fancy French nudist
And as a tourist, they met in Cabo San Lucas
They fell in love, and he quickly quit the band
She sold off all her jewels, and they bought a piece of land
Santa Rosalia was the place, and soon Fran
Was seen walking down the sand naked, gettin' tan
Brutus got a boat, and took a float every day
He would catch some otta fish from France and filet
But on the day that Taller was born, I'm sad to say
That his father took a trip and his ship lost the way
So his mother raised Taller on her own
They were really poor, his only toy: a microphone
She would work all day, and he'd be all alone
Just him and his mic until he found a book of poems
It was lying by a racket and a black satin jacket
He looked around frantic, he got ready to nab it
A voice came behind him, and said, "Yo, you can have it!"
He wore a hat and glasses, Taller thought he was magic
The man showed Taller what the mic was for
Taller tried it out, and the magic man was floored
Before the man left, he told Taller to perform
And he took his advice, and that night, a star was born
He rocked every block from TJ to Santiago
Tapes would pop up from London to Chicago
Castro had him for lunch at the height of the embargo
And he went triple platinum with his samp yo soy ilmargo
But soon after that, he changed name, became devout
Catholic and went to Mexico to hide out
But if you ever drive through Baja, watch out
For a black satin jacket, if you see it, then shout:

Hey, have you heard of Taller Gomez?
Oh yeah, I know you know Taller Gomez
(Yeah, I know Taller… check it out…) (Yeah, yeah.)

[Thes One:]
One day, in San Ignacio, an orphan was found
In front of the mission, who said his dad was out trigger fishing
In Santa Rosalia, but never returned home
They say his boat might've sunk, but it's just not known
Now, anyways, Taller spent many days alone
In which time, I guess he learned how to rock a microphone
The townspeople did what they could and gave him a home
An old Def Jam jacket, and a ten peso loan
But soon that was gone, so he wrote a song he could sing
For the tourists coming to town the following Spring
His show was so live that when they arrived, they were amazed
By an eight year old rapper with a hi-top fade
Word spread, and soon the people came from all around
To hear that young Latin rapper with the much Taller sound
Now, if my memory serves me, it was 1984
A good twenty years before his first world tour
He was then fourteen and hanging down by the lake
When the older kids offered him some fresh tricky trakes
After that, he started blowing up and headed for the coast
But too many of them cookies started stunting his growth
He met DJ Fat Pepper in a San  Quintin cantina
Spinnin' for Latinas and dancing the Macarena
They hooked up and became a team, but on the down low
Taller's addiction was worsening, it would shatter their dream
A night before their biggest show, he was found
In the green room, facedown in tricky trake cookie dough
The next day, Baja cried 'cause Taller had died
A microphone shrine was built where he used to reside
But between me and you, I don't think he's really dead
Here's a little information Old Man Taco bled
[Thes One, with Old Man Taco (?) on the help out:]
He said that Taller's still alive, and his legend lives on
And sometimes, late at night, you can still hear his song
He said:
[Old Man Taco (?):] Like a whisper in a pass
[Thes One:] The old man did say…
[Old Man Taco (?):] try carrying southbound to Mulegé…

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