Surgeon General (Headnodic feat. People Under The Stairs)

Written by: Ethan Parsonage, Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Thes One:] (Deduce my philosophy…)
The beat's still funky, but tight like new socks
Ran with no chase, straight to the face like the botox
I throw taste, spit, eat, you count sheep
But you love this new P or your matresses
I chat 'em in well, the rappin' dispel what's happening
The actors can sell, the label can swell the platinum
But back in the stairwell, stepfather's smackin' 'em
Hell, it ain't child abuse, just teachin' 'em how to juice
Oh, them dudes pay like lemonade, kid, go set up shop
Take your brother 'cause me and your mother, we gotta talk
Time to get stunted, foster silver style, the rasta
Second-place winner of this family-style pasta dinner
It's good enough, man… a little bread, a little cheese
Everybody gets fed and then leaves
Double K, rainforest steadily burns trees, MDs on MPCs for MP3s
See, this total prognosis: a funky disease
Need to take you off the patches, and here, take two of these
Preferably with alcohol or some liquor
Man, according to the warning sticker, now check it out

[Both:] It's the Surgeon Gen'ral
([Thes One:] Yes… yes… yes… ha…
[Double K:] Bo! Bust it out!)
[Double K:] The Surgeon Gen'ral
The Surgeon Gen'ral ([Thes One:] Yes!)
[Thes One:] The Surgeon Gen'ral (Yes!)
[Double K:] The Surgeon Gen'ral (Yes!)
[Thes One:] The Surgeon Gen'ral (Ha ha!)
[Double K:] The Surgeon Gen'ral (Yeah.)
[Thes One:] The Surgeon Gen'ral
([Double K:] Yeah, nigga, I remember trying to rap that shit.)
[Double K:] Ay-yo, they servin' gin bro?

[DoubleK:] (Go!)
Midnight only, a little tough, me big rough
Standing on the stage, cold mashing it up
Jump, jump to it, girl, take that orange juice and screw it
Hip hop's designated drivers, taking you home
Make it my own, then abuse it, give it back so y'all can use it
For the grown folk, they call me Stoned Loc when I'm rushin'
Hangin' at the bar, got your lady blushin' (Alright!)
Cussin' after dark, we take this rap music thing to tear it apart
Wearin' it out, man, we in the house, man
Like punishment time, having big fun 'til we run out of time
The funky drummer's keeping time across the state lines
Americans, they run important, telling me that I shine
Like Ruben, but I ain't stuttered, messed up for all occasions
I keep it amazin', blazin' them trees, so gimme the P
Add a U and a T, keepin' it together, locked in, grooved tight
They know the mister don't play right
He'd rather make him pay, right?
Brother, dig that, we'll push your wig back
Radio and Hale Bopp, return for the beat!

You can dig it, she can dig it, I can dig it, can ya dig it? Aite.
Now who's that? Where we at?
The Surgeon Gen'ral, the Surgeon Gen'ral ([Thes One:] Yeah!)
[Thes One:] The Surgeon Gen'ral
[Double K:] The Surgeon Gen'ral (Yeah.)
The Surgeon Gen-er-al, The Surgeon Gen'ral
[Both:] The Surgeon Gen'ral (Devestating to you ear!)
[Double K:] The Surgeon Gen-er-al (Yeah, okay.)
The Surgeon Gen-er-al… two times! (Alright, heh heh)
The Surgeon Gen'ral (Yes, ha!)
They still servin' gin, bro?

[Double K:] Yeah, I'm saying… back like that, you know what I'm saying? We back, you know what I mean?  We back, and we ain't went nowhere, except to the store, know what I'm saying? And I forgot what you wanted, hahaha… yeah!

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