Suite For Creeper

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Slurred spoken sample:] Mmmmm, man… you know, I'm taking you, you… this is, this is some good stuff!

[Double K:] Dude… drop you off right here. You go in there, man. Do what you gotta do. Take it cool, man. I'mma be out here waiting for you. I got your back. You just let me know… I got the radio. I'm about to go over to… alright…
[Thes One:] Check it out…
[Double K:] Alright.

[Thes One:]
The Ruger semi-automatic with anti-lymphatic shells
Kills immune cells and targets at random
Telebox scope in tandem with infrared, every sixth shot is a tracer
MO: Thes One, known to some as "Enemy Eraser"
Now the taser on the bales for a close-up kill
Real tree covers, real team HQ on a hill
Behind a city the committee has chosen as a target
Contact covert agent, she's working in the supermarket
Behind City Hall, slipped the C-4 for the wall
Night before the election, blew a hole in the dairy section
I place a call back, "Special Forces attack!"
The weapon sack pushed through the hole
And crawled towards the goal, 0100 hours, bomb electrical towers
Overpasses cutting communication, transportation for the masses
Night-glasses in place, put the caps in the vase, Austrian Snow Camo
Blend in with the stucco, open the sack for more ammo
Buckled on the gas mask, threw the flash through the glass window
Hit the floor… "Everyone get the FUCK down!
My name is Thes One, I'm 'bout to run shit! Uh… you! [Shot]
And uh, you! [Shot] And uh, you over there! [Shots]…"

[Thes over radio:] "Yo, Double K… Double K, you hear me, man? Hey, uh… I think we kinda underestimated their, uh… their abilities, man. They got me hemmed down in here, man I can't hold 'em…"
[Double K over radio:] "Ay, fool, you done been in there for over an hour
The way you're talking and smoking
You better come out with some power
Got me posting, riding dirty, circling blocks, got me spooked
Every honky still alive inside, you better shoot
I seen a bitch run screaming, I hope that wasn't your bad
'Cause if it was, we had it, and the pigs'll be mad!"
[Thes One:] "You gotta understand, things are going kinda bad
But before I die, I'll light an acid bomb, and we all can fry!"
[Double K over radio:] Ay-yo, I'm not trying to go out
Like some white adolescent
When I'm riding to the simp of marijuana as the essence
Remember, this was your idea, and I was down and out
When you told me what your plan was about ([Thes One:] I know…)
That you were gonna lower tobacco prices
Make sacks legal (I know, I'm going to!)
All I had to do was get the danky and some regal (you did a good job)
I hope your nuts one thinking with your mouth or with your talking
Just hurry the fuck up (?) some tall walking…
(I'm gonna make it out, man, I'm gonna make it out)

[Thes One:]
I'm running, gunning, and blazing, dipping, diving, and tasing
Clips flying, people dying every which way, as they send
More people after, the mission's a disaster
"Maintain communication, and I'll meet you in an hou-
[Double K over radio:] "Yo… yo… yo… I know you ain't shot!"

[Double K:] Got caught by the surveillance and big homie got popped
Now, it's time to go search and get the .4-5 revolver
Mashed down a small street, seen the ones, didn't bother
Put my Nike to the metal, seen him limping down the alley
Busting shots to his rear, trying to make the coast clear
Nigga jumped through the window, and I accelerated
Took down some assholes who swore to God that they made it
[Thes One:] Yeah, yeah, yeah
We're screeching through back-alleys, smelling smoke from the tires
Radio transmissions, headquarters on fire
Five pigs following, I'm swallowing cyanide
"Double K, you've been a good friend, thanks for the ride."
[Double K:] This punk committed suicide, didn't wanna see time
Kicked him out the passenger door, began to hoo-ride
Pumped off the PCP, I came to a stop
Jumped out, freestyling, double shots at the cops
"Yeah, motherfucker, you ain't never gonna take me
Take this, you fucker, check it ou- OH SHIT! NO! OH! OHHH!
GOD DAMN!" [More shots and grunts]

[Dolemite sample:] "Wake up… Wake up, man. Wake up! Wake up, man! Who killed Jim?" "W-Wait a minute, man! Wait a min-" "Man, who done it? Who done it?!" "Shit, man, lighten up…" "Who killed Jim." "Man, hold it, lighten up, bra, I tell ya, I tell ya, man, wait a minute, man… damn!"

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