Sterns To Western (feat. Capn' Kidd Lexus)

Written by: Michael Turner, Christopher Portugal & Brandon Collins

[Spoken sample:] …And I'm going home…

[Kidd Lexus:]
It's like fabulous, we all-out kings, blessed and talented
So who's here to handle this, I'm the prime candidate
Keeping a far distance between me and common folk
Doesn't matter if you shout a lot or if you're monotone
They call me L-E-X… bro, you know the rest
I had an SP 'cause I'm special, too well and got blessed
And we can battle, me and you, on Pay-Per-View
Kidd Lexus coming to a neighborhood near you
Now you in danger, shell-shocked, now you got caught
Your plan wasn't well thought, yo, perhaps you should walk
No need for lolly-gagging, especially when Brandon's rapping
On the mic, I'm like a cannon, so it ain't hard to imagine
Turn my mic off, I gotta go, I gotta be alone, I feel it now
I'm going home, somebody please, take me home

[Sung sample:] La la-la la-la-la la… (etc., repeats)

[Double K:]
Ay-yo, I think that I should mention, the way that we be bitching
Utilizing the beat like housewives do their kitchen, man
It's Stephen-cool-King, bringing horror in your life
Causing pain and strife, holding a black mic
No need for the violence, dude, we straight ahead like miling
Not worrying about the backtalk, we fucking trains of thought
Derail your wack MCs while I rock on the track
Take a puff from the black, man, I don't wanna hear you rap
So don't do it in my presence, I'll rip you like a gift
Destroy your whole direction, you're gonna need protection
Ah, fuck it, I'm like sherm, or your final term paper
We driving you nuts, just put a P in, it sucks, yeah, man
I'm kinda clever like old Jewish dudes
Put the pen to the paper, and what you got's a fresh caper
Madder than Dapper Dan and the creds of '88
And I ain't getting off the mic until I clean my funky plate
Ay-yo, we're not done, we're not done
More shows, free booze, bad news, and new grooves
When we come to your town, be prepared to get slouched
So sing along to the funk, and wait for the homie to rap, it's like…

[Sung sample:] La la-la la-la-la la… (etc., repeats)
Take me home…

[Thes One:]
The part from the normal tracks, when I brainstorm
I reign forever and every last track's going to bitch
ASCAP, they swore my shit, the most cleverly writ
So witness that poetic, aesthetic, perfection-spitting cat
Publicly published to be fat with the Ph.D.
Construct, corrupt MCs that from bay
Aware, a-raising all that junk, punk, I sunk your battleship
Dunce once, my lips spit up outta your spine, sound waves
Thes on the dotted line and skipped the fine print
When I imprint my mint monogram of fame on your skeletal frame
Since I stock raps fat like Rust-Oleum stock caps
It will make your needle skip, make your caps clog
Scuff your shell toes, I flip the fake rappers like Alf Pogs
I got a rhyme for every fine girl in Whittier
Lock down the track like meters on the railroad near a river
When I deliver the cool concentrate, it shivers your prostate
I get pissed off when I gotta wait for rappers to finish their freestyles
Every time I rhyme, my train of thought, I turnstile to BART
I'm worthwhile, fuck lemons chilling in Springfield
I'm ill, and still don't do no shows in Shelbyville
At jams, I kill competition like the Running Man
Running things like airbrush jeans, ah goddamn, like…

[Sung sample:] La la-la la-la-la la… (etc., repeats)

[Spoken in background:] Take me home… I'm not going to ask… Ay, man, I think it's time to go… It's 'bout that time… I need some whiskey… I need some wine… goin' home.. goin' home…

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