Step Off

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

([Thes One:] Forever the P, forever the P…

[Spoken Sample:]
Somehow, pot and pills and assorted academics aren't enough anymore. (Word!) I'm tired of a four-hour high or a twelve-hour trip or a book that changes my whole life for the better part of the week. I need something more… more than a pill or a pipe or a poem…

I need the hard stuff…

[Next Step sample:] Now, if I can at this moment…
[Question sample:] Stop to present the hot, people under the got…
["O.S.T." sample:] Back in the studio…
[…Or Stay Tuned sample:] The unaccounted for…
[Stepfather sample:] We'd like to know…
[Fun DMC sample:] Hey, man! Hold on, man! Why-hey! Hey!
Why you steppin' on my shoes!
["O.S.T." sample:] Back in the studio…
[Fun DMC sample:] The P's back, check me out, I'm what it means to be black…

[Double K:]
…And I don't stop the rock, and don't stop the show
Wonder where we at, they turned off the lights, now we back
Stacking paper on the road, staying heavy, on track
Last album was funny, but this ain't no joke, black
Nah, who am I kidding, man? We still having fun
Still smoking that shit, dude, the P just begun
On the one like George, it's the Othership Connection
Heard the album that you put out, found it in the dollar section
Took it right back, didn't even waste getting my money
Went straight to the lab, we getting rid of you dummies
Album number seven, please don't feel lucky
Matter of fact, pack up, leave town, we don't back down
The sound boy clasher, this thing he mastered
Still known for the funk, still chief party-crasher
Still hated by the critics, take a flight on tip
We shutting down publications, Chris, you heard what they said?

[Thes One:]
Ask me if I give a FUCK! Still don't and still won't
Quit the dope shit, my opus
Most you rap dudes are tragically hopeless
I wrote this here: "Dear Bottle of Beer, my only friend
It's been ten years, our peers overrated
All faded, and they hated us most times
This my last laugh in the form of a dope rhyme"
And signed "Thes One
PS - Album number seven, year eleven now begun"
Partied out and cashed like a paycheck
The rock stars of the rap world haven't aged yet
API to tape deck, breakneck head-nod
We on 'cause we still care, the Godlike rap job
Popping shit in the booth on popstoppers
Time makes people show their colors like Gobstoppers
I stay proper with the grammar like hammer,
Raise a family, my son'll be as bad as me
We forever the P!

[Slowed-down voice:]
You have officially been warned. We have just ordered all of you weak motherfuckers Hearses, and we got your funeral planned. Dig this: Thes One. Double K. Carried Away. Make me need to say it again 'cause I heard Large Professor said don't do that. So why don't you do this: kill yourself. We so Carried Away… So Carried Away… For all you idiots that funny… Tried to put it down in the studio… Carried Away…

[Thes One echo:]
Forever the P… Forever the P…
Forever the P… Forever the P…
Forever the P… Forever the P…
Forever the P…

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