Shine On (Bloquera)

Written by: Christopher Portugal, Alex Newman, Jamaan McLaren, Sir Kado & Superbrush 427

[Spanish sample:]

[Rap sample:] Shining… above sea level… aqua…
Shines from many angles…
Dive, dive, to the depths I dive…
There's ocean style…

[Thes One:]
Yo, pack it up, pack it in a car with your crew of friends
Road trippin', southbound, 'til the highway ends
Throw your passport and a pair of shorts in your Jansport
Jump in the car, hit the border, 'cause your life's short
You might as well follow the swells and keep it moving
To the Sea of Cortez, para pescar pez, and Thes says
When the city gets tough, the tough leave
Time to live off the land with two hands in the sea

And now, I see things, only seen in my dreams
But no need to pinch me, it's just as it seems
Wake up every day with the sun as it beams
Just a big breath of air so clean
So fresh, like the fish that we caught
Like the produce we cop at the little local shop
Wave to everyone as I cruise down the block
And I don't know about you, but I don't want it to stop

I got two weeks' vacation from the Matrix
To Mulegé, two towns away from San Ignacio-asis
The base of operations, occupations are vanquished
We eat at Doney's, only at the top would I rank this spot
To cop a squat and let your ego flow
Where you hope the fish bite and the mosquitos don't
We gon' troll the El Dorado, hold another bottle of the Damiana
Now we gotta sing out the bottle, and

[Sung sample:] Shine on! Shine on!
[Thes One:] Ay-yo, we're south of the border
Never gettin' out the water, when ya
[Sung sample:] Shine on! Shine on!
[Thes One:] You see, we're living off the land
With the sun and the sand, when ya
[Sung sample:] Shine on! Shine on!
[Thes One:] Ah, and excellent time
Cerveza with lime, when ya
[Sung sample:] Shine on! Shine on!
[Superbrush 427:] ??

It's so easy to glow when you don't gotta know
The time or the date, you just go with the flow
Let my stress ebb, yo, I'm lettin' it go
Man, it's hard to trip with the sand in my toes ([Thes One:] Fo sho!)
I suppose nothing beats this kind of living
Sunday afternoon, maybe catch a couple innings
Don't know who's pitching, just hope the Cards are winning
Crack a brew or two with the crew, ain't nothing missing

As I skip another lava rock over the water top
My smile blazing like the rays, making the palapa hot
Can't say I've not a lot of what I got, I drop to come
Hit up paraíso, Bahia Concepcion
Let's be gone, pack the car, don't forget the ice chest
Town square, staring at the heinies with the nice breasts
Time just melts away, but every day's like a week
Findin' beats, rhymin' on a sheet, white bottom beach

[Thes One:]
Ha, to each his own, I find my zone
Stretched out on a reef with a fish, they dive deep
Chewing chocolate clams from the tropical sands beneath
The kelp, where no heat's felt when the sun swelts
I know a taco stand where the fresh cheese melts
And Doney's cooking something even if you're shoe's bucklin'
But nobody's frontin', shine on todo el día
'Cause why the hell you frontin' on some fresh tortillas when you…

[Thes One with sung sample:] Shine on, yeah you shine on!
[Thes One:] South of the border
Never gettin' out the water, when ya
[Sung sample:] Shine on! Shine on!
[Thes One:] Living off the land
With the sun and the sand, when ya
[Sung sample:] Shine on! Shine on!
[Thes One:] Ah ha, excellent time
Cerveza with lime, when ya
[Sung sample:] Shine on! Shine on!
[Superbrush 427:] ??

Maanu rhyme, cast the line, pull back, set the hook and a catch
Another fish, Superbrush cooking from scratch
Yo, you can't match the change, even in quicksand
When I take time for myself, then I'm a rich man
This land demands the minimum task to just
Bask in a natural mineral bath
We gon' shine like the sun, shine like production
Bali Cali pres Thes, number number one

[Thes One:]
Ha ha ha, thanks, Jamaan, take five and scream a booth
Run a green and black lure, catch a fish, make soup
Got 'em jumpin' out the water like they're jumping through a hoop
Town square, checking out the daughters, hanging with my troop
Five p.m., ninety degrees with cool breeze
Coming off the Mulegé river through the palm trees
Bringin' fresh sea air, I'mma sit right there
Crack a nice cold beer, hey, man, I wish you were here

Because anywhere else would be just uncivilized
Peep old man taco, it's easy to realize
That we only get a few grangers and a maximize
So before the tide swells, I'm taking in paradise
With my pair of eyes, gotta love the view
Just like the locals when they peep on Kato's 'do
We don't wanna leave, best believe that is true
And it's also a fact, we'll be back real soon, to

[Sung sample:] Shine on! Shine on!

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