S.F. Knights Remix

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[beatboxing and vocal play throughout the track]

[Thes One (doubled):] On a warm San Francisco night
On a warm San Francisco night

[Thes One:] Night! Lord Radio and Hale Bop on the Bay Bridge, faded
Trying to find Smiley's house, thank god, we made it
[Double K:] Ay-yo, blunts, broads, beats
Keeping low through the streets ([Thes One:] Streets!)
And niggas giving us pounds 'cause of these dope-ass sounds
[Thes One:] We're runned aground like ships
Over these beats I flips, bass is hitting so hard that your CD skips
[Double K:] Well, check it out ([Thes One:] My friend!)
Make sure it don't happen again ([Thes One:] Again!)
I got my grip on it… turn it up to volume ten! Hah!

([Double K:] Lemme get some guita-)

*Important Note: These transcriptions are not verified with P.U.T.S., so there may be errors. We are especially unsure of the greyed-out text. We encourage you to offer your suggestions for lyrics corrections on the site's main page.


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