Selfish Destruction

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample:] The knowledge that one begins to die a split second after birth is a cringing scream that echoes throughout your body… And as you breathe the poison in the air around you, your explanding mind turns on its originator to begin the cold calculated destruction of itself… Slave becomes master, and the awesome power of it makes nerve endings quiver and creates a burning desire in the subtle art of self destruction…

[Sung sample:] Self destruction, you're headed for self destruction… (x3)

[Double K:]
Drunk from the return, raising hell
Dispatching whole fools for the lies they tell
Not whining, complaining, just aiming at suckas
Crosshair-scoping, I know you been hoping
And praying you could make a comeback
Dead that, saw you in disguise with a dread hat on Fairfax
Talking 'bout "Aw, man, the P is a wrap!"
But the P is relaxed, collecting street tax
With penalties for enemies, decked out in camouflage
Down for the cause, hit your crew with a barrage
With super-high power mental shotgun pellets
They want to know the story, follow me and I'll tell it
Another trap rapper dead
Another false knowledge-kicking nigga with a bullet in his head
Keep doubting, and if subliminals, we caught it
Inspired by the past, and me and Chris brought it

[Thes One:]
From L.A. to the South Bronx, Sedgewick started
For the known and the unknown dearly departed
For all of us who followed it, studied it and loved it
Invested in it, infinite time is up
We got O.C., Housewives, Vanilla Ice with earrings
Based God, West Coast must be hard of hearing
Rappers rocking skateboards that don't even skate
Mad YouTube views like "Don't even hate"
Well, I could give a fuck if a blog says, "You're the one"
Stick a pitchfork in, your whole style's done
I'm a hundred percent dope beats and dope raps
I don't need a promo team or snapback hats
I never did violent crime, sold drugs, or hard time
Spin consonants and sell verbs by the dimes
Since the Nineties, so being relevant, doesn't define me
In fact, since we back with the Reclamation Act
You can find me on the same streets with the same beats
Infrasonic family, PL to the 70
And that's the Highlighter in both form and function
The P from afar is watching your self destruction

[Sung sample:] Self destruction, you're headed for self destruction… (x4)

[Double K:] This is so unfair!

This transcription has been superficially verified by Thes One of P.U.T.S., so we're fairly sure it's correct. If you see something you believe to be in error, however, please offer your suggestions for lyrics corrections on the site's main page.


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