Same Beat (The Wesley Rap)

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample, scratched:] Hey, it's a change, you know, and you got to get in with it… gotta take it in stride… check it… I got space, you got space, everybody's got space… When we get together, shaing our space in order to help each other, in order to help your brother… I got space, you got space, everybody's got space… dig it?

[Thes One:]
It's the same beat with the same ol' funk
That last call in the podunk pool hall, the drunk flicker
With the old neon beer sign, you can hear its buzz
AM radio transmission with the fuzz
That's how we do it, man, that's how it feels
To keep recorded rap on the reel-to-reel
For real, the real unnecessary shit needs Immodium
The tape is my podium for the rhodium memoirs
The city of cars and big stars drinking pinot noir
The repertoire spans far, it's the People for the people
All equal, same beat got 'em checking for the sequel
The formula is simple like a Nike Cortez
Been Better Than Ezra, huh, so who says
That the P hit the glass ceiling in this occupation?
We're six CDs of separation, amazing
Still flipping high like the flying trapeze
The greatest show on the planet is the P in parentheses
Hey, maitre d', bring this table more brie
'Cause when we got the cheese, everything is more Fun
With the D: devastating, MC: mic control
If you bought the last CD, then I know you got soul
Mike T got my side, and L.A. got my back
People Under The Stairs in big white cadillacs

[Double K:]
One for the jungle groove, two for the (uh!)
Three times for the neighbor in the hood, it's good
The Byrd like Bobby (yeaaaah), we stayed high, understood
The brother chopped off the Natural, y'all call it the 'fro
The P: beer collecting, scene setting, innovating
Concentrating on the stage, trying to make the front page
Like (hey-y-y), my nature getting naughty without the weapon
No threatening, you niggas got you shook on figures
That you mighta seen me chopping it up with
Sniffling and acting sheisty, I think of y'all like chicks who's feisty
Like "Baby, calm down, daddy 'bout to give you some of that…"
Cold rock the spot, summer time, party hat-wearing, always swearing
And drunk in every season, celebrate without a reason
I'll be aiming at peasants, we can discuss the severance
And I'll be the last person at your scene in the present
It's 2008 (motherfucker!), and I'm happy to be here
Just stay clear and hear the syllables in your mind, like:
Da-da, da-da, da-da-da-da-da
You never know the outcome, we rock and we roll, like…
Huh! (We rock and we roll! You can rock it, baby!)

[Spoken sample:] Hey, on behalf of all the people that made this possible, we'd like to thank y'all for making us realize that money isn't everything… That's what be going on sometimes, you know… Ain't that… I'm just trying to call your attention to… you can't see your airs, I don't care how high you is.

([Double K:] Hey, Fred!) Same beat… same beat…
Same beat… same beat…
Same beat… same beat…
Same beat… (Aw shit)
Same beat… (What are you doing, Fred? Fred? Come here, Fred!)
Same beat… Same beat…
Same beat… Same beat…
Same beat… Same beat…

Same beat…
([Blewfoot:] Having a party y'all!
[Double K:] Right on time…
[Party person:] Party y'all…)
[Double K:] Same beat… same beat… same beat…)

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