Runaway (feat. Greg Nice)

Written by: Michael Turner, Christopher Portugal, & Greg Mays

[Sung sample:] Runaway... (Runaway...) Cream is rising to the top!

[Greg Nice:] C'mon, a-let's go now! ([Thes One:] Let's go now!)
Yo, a-c'mon, a-let's go now! (Yeah, let's go now!)
Let's get it right now, let's go now! (Rock it down, y'all!)
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, let's go now! (Let's go now!)
A-get down now. Let's go now. (Here we go.)
We gotta get up, a-get up, and get down now. (Get down!)

[Rap sample:] Peoples under the stairs
[Rap sample:] Greg N-I-C-E!
[Sung sample:] Cream is rising to the top!

[Thes One:] Highly demanded, haters can't stand it
This is off-the-record, I'mma speak candid
Hall of Fame candidate, ahhhh... landed it!
Switch-stance Lance mounting the rap, commanded it
Underrated, innovated, decimated, imitate
Assimilate the Internet, let 'em debate it later
It's the Kelly Slater of the crossfader, you know
We live like '85, Doug E... ([Spoken sample:] This is called the show)
[Double K:] Yo, Double, six minutes and I'm on that rap stuff
Watch me lean with the sippers while they on that trap stuff
Stage so buff on the hype, no bluff
L.A., the representatives, the executives
Kickin' flavor, watch your behavior
And tell our neighbor that the P has invaded
So watch the brothers get faded
With the big homie Greg N-N-I, the P-I
The Piecelock, from Cali to the Bronx
It don't stop, oh

[Sung sample:] Runaway... (Runaway...) Cream is rising to the top!

[Greg Nice:]
Ay-yo, I stay true to what I do, that classic sound
Get right back up if knock me down
Threw a fast ball from the pitcher's mound
Like a turntable, go 'round and 'round
I reach for the stars, levitate off the ground
Voice bounce of buildings, shit is surround
Adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns
It ain't Manziel and the Cleveland Browns
Straight New York talk, yeah, I walk that walk
Climb straight to the top like Jack's beanstalk, oh
Aw shit, now, comin' with the hits, now
East Coast, West Coast, loving how that shit sound
You're realizing, hypnotizing
The People Up Under The Stairs stay surprising
With Greg N-I, yo, they supersizin'
Love the way the hook of the song be harmonizing

[Sung sample:] Runaway... (Runaway...) Cream is rising to the top!

[Thes One:] Yo, one life to live, no fucks to give
Young Vlad Putin, reload it and keep it shootin'
Got the bullet holes in the ceiling, Yosemite Sam, Half Dome
Half chrome, Destro, Thes the man
World domination, hip hop beautification
My new iteration for y'all, consideration is the duo
[Double K:] Do what?
[Thes One:] Do it up like this, Mike and Chris
[Double K:] Pump your fists
[Thes One:] Ladies, seal it with a kiss, yo
[Double K:] Right back atcha, the Anita Bake-Rapture
In L.A., that shit is hard, in the Bay, it's a slapper
We rise to the top like smoke in the studio
Bust mad rhymes in the circle, you can call the boy "coolio"
Atomic gringo, alive like Ringo
Got 'em buggin' like a Primo, keep a stacked like Pringles
They call me Dolo-Mikey, all-nighty, all righty
Til the breakadawn, what's the name of this song? It goes...

[Sung sample:] Cream is rising to the top!
[Rap sample:] Greg N-I-C-E! (scratched and repeated)
[Rap sample:] Peoples under the stairs (scratched and repeated)
[Sung sample:] Cream is rising to the top!


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