Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Man #1:] I don't know why you guys gotta keep doing this... trying to sleep. You missed it. Hope they start it again; doesn't seem like they will. Oh, no... well, guess I better be getting my bathtub ready. Looks ready to me! Looks like it's ready. Come on in! It looks ready to me! It's full.
[Man #2:] Wanna party? Huh?
[Man #1:] Come see us!
[Man #2:] I like to have a good time. So does my friend, and we'd like to have good times with you if we could. Drink a little vodka? Have a bath together, maybe? Listen to some rockin' tunes. Hey! Haha.
[Man #3:] If these seem like good times to you, then hook up with people like this.
[Man #2:] Give us a call!
[Man #3:] Give them a call! They look like your kind of people... look like your kind of people... people... your kind of people...

[Thes One:] Uh, uh, uh, uh... (Yo, bust it out, man.)
I got my groove back, no Stella Artois
It's the Art of Noise, Goodfellas (Uh.)
Back to the breaks like Bodhi at Bells (Word.)
People Under the Stairs, hotel to motel, nonstop...
[Double K:] Pop-lockin' at the Holiday Inn
Sportin' robes in the hallways
We turnin' up always (That's right.)
Let the herb blaze, fly away in a haze (Uh, uh, uh, uh...)
Get lost inside a daze, my mind is a maze
[Thes One:] It's not Frankie Beverly Hills
Or Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Yeah, yeah.)
That O.G., L.A. talk, Chick Hearn on your block (Woo!)
Good to VG-plus to mint, now we gettin' better
Two producers are back, it's Fagen and Becker (Uh, uh, uh...)
[Double K:] The original Upsetter, the Double Scratch Perry (Right.)
When the two hit the stage, they treat the Kings like Larry (Uh.)
Plenty of air-time on your prime-time station
Interpretation: it still takes a nation...
[Thes One:] ... to hold us Back to the Future with the past locked down
Don't look back, the Golden Era's right now
Long as the P Hendrix, the drum machine (Uh, uh, uh, yup...)
Recyclin' the funk, we the original green...
[Double K:] ...backs, they come in stacks like flapjacks
Gettin' your day started, my train of thought departed a long time ago (Uh.)
Long rhyme ago, something to keep 'em stoked (Yeah.)
You see, I ain't no joke. The P, we ain't no joke (Uh.)
[Thes One:] We like Eric B.'s facial expression, never change (Woo!)
"Forever the P"'s the only way they can explain
The legacy deep underwater, abyss (Yeah.)
Smithsonian, homie, it's Mike and Chris
[Double K:] Again, we glide like Schwinns on sunny afternoons
Up, up, like a balloon all the way to the moon (Uh, uh.)
Plant the flag that decrees that the P was here
Yo, Thes, let's hit the lab, make sure the West Coast is clear (Word. Yeah.)

([Double K:] Yo, yo, yo, aight. Bring that back one time, man.)

[Rap sample:] Heel up, wheel up, bring it back, come rewind.
[Rap sample:] Don't you know all things go in cycles? [Repeats]

[Man #1:] Oh, no... well, guess I better be getting my bathtub ready. Looks ready to me!

[Announcer:] It's 12SP and a new life
Looks ready to me! (Oh, looks ready to me!)
With Mike and Chris on WRLA!


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