Rocker's Choice (Mixtape Outro) (unofficial title)

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Willie (Double K):] Yo, dread, man. Said you had the tape here for me, and I tried to link up with you. I mean, I get no tape here. I finds the LL Cool J.
[Double K:] But yo, I-I left the tapes over there by your…
[Willie:] No, man, I no want no Kool Moe Dee, no LL, that's the old school, man. We want the Fun DMC. Fun DMC, man.
[Double K:] I'm gonna try… I told you… Yo, I'mma try and get that for you on the 30th, man. I'm gonna get that for you. Don't even trip, bro.
[Willie:] Jah, man. Tell me I link up… I'll make my own tape, man. Say, Fun DMC… Me love Fun DMC, rude boy!
[Double K:] Yo, you can't make your own tape. You hear this nigga tryin' to make his own Fun DMC tape? The impatient rasta, man. You need to chill out with that, man.
[Willie:] Yo, dread.
[Double K:] September 30th!
[Willie:] I just made my own tape here, man. I mean, I need, yo, a little Fun DMC, yo, keep that ras-clat tape, man.
[Double K:] You need it! You need it!
[Willie:] I set my own tape here. That Fun DMC, man…
[Double K:] Aite dread, c'mon, you goin' on tour with us. C'mon, dread…
[Willie:] That Double K and the Thes One, man
[Double K:] Now he's gonna diss us. Just like everybody else tried to, but you can't! Fun DMC! BLAH!

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