Rhymin' With The Bonz

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample:] One, two, three, four…
[Bonzi:] Yo.
[Thes One:] Yo, what's up, Bonz?
[Bonzi:] Thes One
[Thes One:] Yes, sir.
[Bonzi:] You don't quit.
[Thes One:] That's right. Yo, what's the name of the track?
[Bonzi:] You don't stop.
[Thes One:] Word, ya ready to rock?
[Bonzi:] Aite!
[Thes One:] One, two, three, four, you don't stop, y'all.
Simpled out, y'all. Hey, Bonzi, who we?
[Bonzi:] People Under The Stairs?
[Thes One:] And where we from, my brother?
[Bonzi:] L.A.
[Thes One:] Well, alright… a-check it out, y'all. You don't stop, y'all.
[Bonzi:] Uh uh.
[Thes One:] It's simpled out, y'all. You don't stop, y'all.
[Bonzi:] Yo.
[Thes One:] You don't quit… I'm 'bout to bless, man.
You got my back, Bonzi?
[Bonzi:] Aite!

[Thes One:]
An entry from the middle ([Bonzi:] flip)
Rock it 'til we hit the (tip)
Rhyme importin', re-injectin' the rhythm like Ritalin
I middle-man this type of (flow)
Rock this in (stereo)
Very low areas, buryin' foes and scarecrows
Tear those and leave 'em (for)
Rock this up in your (dorm)
You've been warned, I like your family trees
Don't make me make 'em mourn
I'm dead and sworn to hip (hop)
Rock it while you cock (block)
South Bay, L.A. native, creative, yo, I can't stop
I guess I never even (try)
You can wonder, reason (why)
I, super b-boy, can reminisce on the day I die
And after that, go out and (get)
New ish to rock the (kicks)
Dedicated to outdated non-digital kids
The party goin' not (slow)
Beer drinkin' type of (flow)
Background brother who playing the down-low
Underground musical (will)
Never rock on (TRL)
Daily from downtown across in my ish

[Thes One:] So yes yes, y'all, yes yes, y'all
It's simpled out, y'all ([Bonzi:] Yes yes, y'all)
Yes yes, y'all (non-stop, yes yes, y'all)
It's simpled out, y'all, yes yes, y'all
It's simpled out, y'all, yes yes, y'all
It's simpled out, y'all, yes yes, y'all (Double K)
A-don't stop… don't stop, one time
A-yes yes, y'all, it's simpled out, y'all
A-yes yes… ?

[Thes One:]
I do damage, corrupt, slap up kids ([Bonzi:] Hey!)
That fuck with the legacy of funk 'cause I take the (weight)
Like Ronny Bell, in the gym, pushing up (plates)
Rock bells with Bootsy, heavyweights of (breaks)
Diggin' through the dust, pulling out tools to bust
Fools back to grow or wash, they're jumping out the (pool)
I pass Mister Magic, señor spectacular
Site fish gotta fought a for living actor
I mack more and therefore tax more than the (Senate)
Understand underground, being down, up in it
For too long to move on, the bandwagon jump on
I like my music real, turn that (goddamn) loop on
(?) Now here's my funky beat
See, I put it all together and I made it complete
Representing the city of long streets near the beach
While watching your back's something that you don't need to teach
Born with it and gifted (Gs), hip hop, we lived it
One five eight zero, hero and I missed it (a.m.)
Now they pay 'em to play 'em and be stars
But I devote my life (?)
With the underground type (love)
Rock this off of a (dub)
Chill with your lady, get a pint up at the pub
Whether bloke or a (chum)
Everybody have (fun)
'Cause you're rockin' with your partner DeLeon, it's Thes One

[Thes One:] Check it out, y'all… you don't stop, y'all
It's simpled out, y'all ([Bonzi:] Yes yes, y'all)
Yes, you don't stop, y'all (non-stop)
It's non-stop, don't stop, y'all (yes yes, y'all)
You don't stop (non-stop)
A-yes yes, y'all, you don't stop y'all
It's simpled out (yes yes, y'all)
You don't stop! (yes yes, y'all)
You don't stop! (non-stop)
A-yes yes, y'all, yes yes, y'all
(Double K) ([Sung sample:] Hey!)
People Under The Stairs from L.A., L.A.

[Thes One:]
Genuflect when the moon reflects the text of my looseleaf scribe
Vibe from this lyricist, hearin' this (hype), achieved and maintained
The years without a new game to make it to five
But a few more (I don't know)
How could I survive when success equals ice
Glimmering nice at rap (shows)
Once upon a rhyme, skills weren't measured by sales
Or a rapper's dreams, triple beams, things sold at Zales
See carats off a bunny, curious for (women)
(He acting funny) the damn dummy
So chill with your peoples, grab a cold beer
We never left, People Under The Stairs are here
[Spanish sample]

[Rap sample:] You don't stop (repeats)
[Bonzi:] Thes One… you don't quit…
[Thes One:] Yo… huh… L.A… yo… you don't stop… People Under The Stairs… yo… uh uh… aite… yo… you don't quit… yo… uh uh…

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