Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] That's for fucking with me, man!
We be chilling (No, you're not!)… Money illing (Money illing)… Money earning (No, you're not!)… Burning (Burning)… Burn it, man…

[Double K:]
Ay, throw your blunt at a bitch, if you're real and love hip-hop
Discovering fresh beats with rhymes that can't stop
"Hey, DJ!" Ay-yo, I'm talkin' to me
And that'll be "Big Mike" for all my niggas on bikes
That pop wheelies, burn Phillys, and stay underground
We got style like the instincts and stay remaining the crown
Champions of the district… Missed it? Impossible
I'm the Supernigga and yo, I'm very unstoppable
Don't try to apprehend, homeboy, you pretend
To be the psychoalpha-punk MC that can't win
Yo, put your last bin down, come with something original
Lose them sorry metaphors or get kicked out of the town
By me and a couple of my partners in the back
Freshly dipped off the rap, but not the van crack
Ay-yo, those were the good days, and going back's the destination
Anybody try to stop it gets a free vacation
To the motherfucking moon, spaceboy, back up
Go hide up under a rock or get smoked like one
'Cause I'm the son of a music man, I take no shorts
Live my life as a jazz-cat, holding down the fort
And I can see when you're coming off and falling off
And everybody in the world see the P is "Yes, y'all!"
Off The Wall like "Don't Stop Until You Get Enough"
Call on us when you need us, we the diamond in the rough, homey
My time's out, pocket dead out of change
I'll catch you niggas in a minute, man, I'm 'bout to change lanes…

[Thes One:] Okay (Que?)… Go to the yacuzzi (Que?)… with the jellow yacket (Que?)… He's wearing a jellow yacket (Que?)…

[Thes One:]
Yo, underground transmissions in codes of soul chatter
Released with more beef than Middle East war data
See data made today on ADATs and ones and zeros
Returns burned in wax with props like war heroes
Earned rank, generally banked, heavily on consignments
Units move to registers by these system alignments
Infiltrated clubs, homes, dubs traveling time zones
Transmitting The Next Step by step, fans phone each other
"Yo brother, the P is back!", second attack
Smack the big talk, more stock than NASDAQ
Clipping the sick flock of trend-following sheep
Stuff the wool in a bag, only their souls I keep
Ain't loud, remember cloud? I'm still over your head
Said, influenced by great minds of the dead leaders
Thes One: rhyme reader, beat meter, the slang sayer
Sang layers of rhymes, at times, rocking like Slayer
Complicated design, mind moving faster than ears
Simple Simon studied but he's smiling, turns to tears
Too slow for flow… Stereo? He hears half
Left with the mono like Van Gogh, so feel the wrath
Of a red cable (right), I read tables of the stable elements
Enhance my presence, but gold's played, so I find vinyl
Whose half-life decayed a while ago, chill, make beats
Rhyme, eat, and stay dolo on the street, yo, my time's up
Pockets out of change, y'all chill, I'm gonna grab a beer
And watch a soccer game with my uncle, Jailer… I'm outta here…

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