Racist (Giant Panda feat. Thes One)

Written by: Alex Newman, Jamaan McLaren, Chikara Kurahashi & Christopher Portugal

[Thes One:] Chikara: are Japanese people, like, super good at karate, or are they, like… alright at karate…
[Chikara:] Yeah, they're good, man.
[Thes One:] They're good, for real? Everybody? Like old ladies… word… Ay-yo, Jamaan…
[Maanumental:] What's up?
[Thes One:] Ay-yo, man, are you real good at basketball?
[Maanumental:] Uh… yeah, yeah…
[Thes One:] Word? What else you good at, man?
[Maanumental:] Ay-yo, I'll be eating pork rinds and stuff…yo, eat baby-back ribs… yo, just check it…

Who else is gon' smoke menthol cigarettes
And make the UPS uniform look fresh?
Black is beautiful, yeah, that's the right word
It'd be more bomb if it was blonde or bright earned
Say we lazy? Cut us some slack, aite?
'Cause it's hard work trying to keep crack alive
And plus we make the songs that y'all listen
Burnt and scared, we all barbeque chicken
Employed, most of grown men still rhymin'
Tell you what shoes are cool and then shine 'em
If you got it, we'll show you how to shake your ass
And sit in the back of the class and not pass
Make legit achievements "straight wack"
Yo, you tryin' to rise up from the cracks? You ain't black!
Where's your diamond in the back? Fronts in your tooth?
The best athletes, we can run from the truth
All the way home to apartments we ran
I got a big screen and pants with big ramps
Loyal to brass still ain't loyal to us
So the whites pass, still at the back of the bus
'Cause it's just too comfortable to stay chillin'
Great scapegoats and make the best villains
A planet without blacks ain't the right world
'Cause somebody's gotta get at these white girls!

Yo, I can't dance, can't jump so I can't dunk
Like Eminem, hate rap 'cause I love punk
Got a big truck, no fear when I say "fuck!"
Drink beer, steer clear when I drive drunk
Say "fag" when I bag on my buddies
Wavin' a flag, then brag about money
Four years of college and I never had to study
Made the Dean's List 'cause he played gin rummy
With mom and dad, think at the summer pad
Be there in a minute, I got to get Brad
We cruise for the chicks who look like they had
A lot of work done and love Brooks & Dunn, yeah!
I'm votin' Bush again, set my VCR to tape the last Friends
Love to tailgate, eat steaks and twins
I rollerblade everyday, yes, all-American
Big apple pie, "one helluva guy", I keep my hair dyed
But just on the tips, built thin, keep me ripped
I'm on the Adkins, so I gotta skip chips
Low on the car, but high on the hog
Three in the fam, but I've got five cars
Mr. Martinez just cut the front lawn
His wife watched the kids while mom's at the bar

[Thes One:]
Okay, my friend, yeah, my friend, just nobody call INS again
Mess around, lose all of your town's pedestrians
Crosswalk walkin' with the babies in each hand
Got a plan, buy a van, let the family grow
And keep Calvin pissin' on something in the window
We're downsized, we got the fly 80's hatchback
Packed… Nike sticker on the back
Painted in flat black with Pep Boy rims
Fourteen smokes for fourteen folks
Slim and fat, we can't fit, no joke
But we'll make it to the beach, even if the Ford smokes
Swimmin' around with cut-off cords and locs
Jesus, Mary, Joseph in the boat
They'd all look fly, and gold hanging on a rope
Around my neck so low you catch the glow
While I walk the block, yo, cop that vase
Gimme the clock with Last Supper on the face
Mechanical parrot that bends down to take drinks
3-D Jesus on the cross that blinks
Gotta spend the money from workin' that ass off
And takin' all of the jobs Americans pass off
And last off, I'd like to say it's all about a-me
So next time, catch me in line at DMV!

I'm a ninja! My rear injure
Everyday, sushi for dinner
Fish, which is my favorite dish
No soy sauce? You might get dissed
I'm rich, I bought all your land
Tourist time, digicam
Disneyland, I'll be there
Limited dunks, dyed my hair
Yellow, bow with the "hello"
Get a bad grade? Hell no!
Chain smoke a pack a day
It might be bad, but how you say?
I'm rich, roll with the cool
Karaoke, Asahi brew
Miso soup in the business suit
You might see me, I can't see you

[Chikara:] Yeah… people don't even know how dope Japan is… it's even fresher than raw fish! You know what I'm saying? And I'm as dope as Japan is. My name is Chikaramanga from GP, yo. I'm out…

[Sung sample:] Red, yellow, black or white
[Sung sample:] I'm very kooky…

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