Intro (Question in the Form of an Answer)

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Rap sample (scratched):] … and memorized it!

[Hater #1:] I guess dude. What the hell is this shit? "[mocking] …after dark" No party shit, man… Who the hell do these niggas think they are and shit? ([Background Haters:] Shit's booty, huh? Shit's booty, huh?) This big dude thinks he's a damn gangster and stuff! (You'll never work in this town again!) "[Mocking] I wanna see you dead in the worst way!" Who the hell does he think he is? (You'll never work in this town again!) Yeah, right! That's all (?)… I'm badder than them… Niggas don't have any kind of skills… What the hell do they be rapping about?
[Hater #2:] Nah, dude, this shit is like… you gotta come up with some shit, man. You gotta like… come in your message and say shit to be shit… Y'all know, y'all niggas ain't shit, though. Yo, trip, you gotta come with some thug shit, you know, with the message, like some real banging shit. Get putting niggas on the street, you know what I'm saying? This shit ain't… This shit ain't, like, hardcore and street enough. I don't know, man, I just ain't feelin' it, you know what I'm saying? Y'all niggas supposed to be the West and on top of that, man. Y'all supposed to come with some, like, Next Level shit, you know?
[Hater #3:] Yo, yo, yo, fuck these fools, man! Yo, homie, dude… Yo, hey, ain't nobody I never heard of on their album in my life, dude… never heard them on no "Wake-Up Show" shit. I ain't never heard nothing, man. Them fools ain't hip-hop, man. Fools ain't hip-hop! Damn Color Connection rappers, man… Fucking Crockett & Tubbs rappers,man. Shit's real wack, dude! Aw, fuck them, man! I never heard nothing on their album before, man. Shit don't sell, I never seen their shit on Fat Beats, never seen that shit on the wall, man, I ain't never heard of that shit before in my whole life, word!
[Other haters (women):] …Talk about smoking, what the fuck? What kind of music are they using? What… Man, they smoke first, they toke, they ain't gonna represent shit. What the fuck? Who are these niggas. They got, like… fucked up… Who is these mother-

[Song sample:] Keep on doing what you do… (repeats)
[Double K:] Hey Thes… turn them fools up… shit…
[Thes One:] I got it up, man… Yo, is the mic on? Hear that?
[Double K:] One two, one two! Check it, check it…
[Thes One:] Sound low to me, but that's cool, man…
[Double K:] That's 'cause, that's 'cause…
[Thes One:] Alright, man… ah… ah gosh!
[Double K:] Yo, turn it up… just turn it up, man! I know I'm gonna do that… Let's go in there…
[Thes One:] Are you should we s- for real? One more time man. Let's try it one more time…
[Double K:] Alright, let's… drop that shit…

[Song sample:] Keep on doing what you do… until you can't do that no more…

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