Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Rap sample:] Pumpin' the name…
[Rap sample:] I'm pumpin'…
[Spoken sample:] Pumpin'!
[Sung sample:] Pumpin' me…
[Sung sample:] Pumpin' up…
[Sung sample:] Pumpin'…
[Rap sample:] Pumpin'…
[Rap sample:] Pumpin' beer, talking 'bout…
[Rap sample:] Music's pumpin'…
[Sung sample:] Feel like pumpin' it up…
[Rap sample:] 'Cause I'm pumpin', y'all…
[Spoken sample:] Pumping…
[Sung sample:] Pumpin', I been…
[Sung sample:] Pumpin' up the…
[Sung sample:] Pumpin' in your…
[Sung sample:] Pumpin'…
[Sung sample:] Pumpin'…
[Rap sample:] Like a Reebok with the pump…

[Spoken sample:] Pump. Pump. (repeated)
[Sung sample:] Pump, pump, pump, pump it up!

[Spoken sample:] They don't understand why I act this way, pumpin'…

[Thes One:]
And keep it pumpin' like Chevron, pumpin' like a keg
House party on the back lawn… New shit! People Under The…
([Double K:] Huh?!) Back on like "wax on", your wack song we buff
(Nigga, why?) Because we keep pumpin' this stuff like oil
Pure black gold out the soil
Lump-sum royalties pump accounts, pumpernickel, pumperdollars
Pumperbody and bounce, PUTS pumpin' shit up in massive amounts
Like Donald Pump, Pump Plaza shit
Renounce the non-pumpin' apprentice
Yes, I meant this sentence, the dentist stopping relentless biting
Hey, y'all should start pumpin' stop fighting
Like Mike and me and make history through mic tyranny
Pumpin' up the story to your grandkids
Like Pumpy Longstocking, long rocking on the rap tip
Pump from here to London, where they dance and get loose
Even in France, they get Le Pump-lemousse
California governors, show 'em whats up, we came here to pump you up
So let's go…

[Sung sample:] Pump it up! (scratched and repeated)

[Double K:]
It's show time, the stage is ready, lights are shining
The hour of the pump, don't you like the way we thump?
Pump it up like D. Barnes, pumpin' on the weed farm
Microphone's hot, ready to drop, you ready to cop the new P
Pumpin' in your city's hype venue, we don't stop until we get up in you
Looking around, pumpin' around, pumpin' the soundtrack
Up in the booth, delivering the sound that found that man
Pumpin' in the cornerstore, they wanna order more
Get a 40 of the pump juice, make 'em jump and get loose
The pump-plaza rocker, make Donald Duck
From the pump gun, get it in a lump sum
They say money's pumpin' it up, he's pumpin' it down
Put your hands up, man, and wave 'em all around
It's the last pump attendant, put the last pump in it
I'm a pumpadelic even out-pumpin' the rest
Out pumpin' in the West, where we pump it the best
We be pumpin' in the park, also pumpin' in the dark
Never pumpin' on a Reebok tip, we be pumpin' so hard
It make your turntable skip… now pump it up!

[Rap sample:] Pump at the party… (scratched and repeated)
Pump at the party from nine to five
[Rap sample:] Pump it on yo' block
[Rap sample:] Pumpin' the music
[Rap sample:] Pump it on yo' block
[Rap sample:] Get to pumpin'
[Rap sample:] Pump it on yo' block
[Rap sample:] Pumpin' the music (scratched)
[Spoken sample:] Straight pumpin' it up!
[Rap sample:] I keep the music like pumpin'!

[Rap sample:] Pump it up! (scratched and repeated)

[Rap sample:] Because I'm pumpin'
[Rap sample:] This party starts without any abstract

[Spoken sample:] Pump. Pump. (repeated)

[Spoken sample:]
[Man #1:] That shit was pumpin'.
[Man #2:] I told you you'd like it.
[Man #3:] I don't like it. It's soft.

[Rap sample:] No, tonight, I won't be gentle
A physical flosser with my mental
She says, "You told me that you would hold me."
I go, "You ho, I guess you don't know me.
I am not a member of the human race.
I barely even see your face."

*Important Note: These transcriptions are not verified with P.U.T.S., so there may be errors. We are especially unsure of the greyed-out text. We encourage you to offer your suggestions for lyrics corrections on the site's main page.


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