Pulp Fiction (feat. Murs)

Written by: Michael Turner, Christopher Portugal & Nick Carter

[Explorer #1:] Yeah… so we gotta find us a place to hole up for the night… It's gonna be dark soon, and I don't wanna be caught sleeping in the open…
[Explorer #2:] We seem to be on the edge of a big swamp! Maybe we can find a place in there. Sure give us plenty of cover, trees and things…
[Explorer #3:] Ugh, I don't think I like it.
[Explorer #2:] What do you think, Alan?
[Explorer #1:] I think I'd rather take my chances in there than out here… let's go!
[Narrator:] Making their way carefully through underbrush and mud, the three friends suddenly come to a small clearing…
[Scratched sample:] You've nothing to worry about…

[Murs:] As we made it to the clearning, I was fearing the worst
You see this wild-ass jungles? Never meant for Murs!
I'm used to the urban terrain, smoking beedis, graffiti
Niggas serving cane, now I'm stuck in the middle of this dense-ass jungle
The sun was still shining, but it was pouring down rain…
[Thes One:] Rain, my brainstorm came
"Where the fuck are we at? Ay-yo, Double K? Aw, shit."
[Murs:] "Where the fuck did he go?"
[Thes One:] "Yo, Murs, we in trouble, man!"
[Murs:] "Aw, shit…"
[Thes One:] We lost a third of the trio, I'm stumbling over evil roots
I hear flutes in the distance, it's getting dark, "Clark, you hear that?"
[Murs:] "Damn, sounded like a Chinese water rat," I pulled out my strap
Ready to slaughter and attack, but I didn't see shit, man
Maybe it's the wind, my patience wearing thin
'Cause I'm stuck in the jungle with nothing but men
Wanna search for K, but I don't know where to begin
Plus, that nigga got the beedis, ain't that ain't no joke
While life lessons got my ass stressing, so I'm ready to smoke
[Thes One:] Light campfire, "I admire your eagerness to rest, just think
We need a place to stay, been walking through
This goddamn swamp all day, now, it's time to find Double K
And take off the backpack, smoke the beedis…
Yo, you know where he's at?"

([Double K:] "This is stupid, man…")
[Murs:] "Yo, where the fuck did he go?"
[Thes One:] "He was behind us, you know?"
[Double K:] "Man, what the hell y'all niggas doing over here chilling?
You didn't hear me whistling?"
[Thes One:] "Man, Murs, I told you it wasn't a flute!"
[Double K:] "Well, that's bullshit! You shouldn't have left me!"
[Murs:] "Man, where the fuck the beedis at, man?"
[Double K:] "Ah, alright. Well, look, man: I was over there pissing, right?
([Thes One:] "Right…") ([Murs:] "Yeah.")
And this big ass monkey, looking like Suge Knight
With tattoos and a blue rag took the pager and the beedis
([Thes One:] "Haha") ([Murs:] "Oh, for real?")
Man, I couldn't fight back!
[Murs:] "What? Alright, shit, which way was he headed?
Seems like the day that I dreaded, worst nightmare:
No broads? No beedis? No beer? Kaos, nigga, get your ass over here!
You gon' lead the way. No nicotine's the last shit I need today!"
[Thes One:] "I say, my friends, you see that cave up on the hill?
I say we hike up, strike up a match, and campfire for the light
Watch the nightfall, and speak upon our situation
And try to figure out how we gonna get back to our nation…"

([Murs:] "…Fucking beat that nigga's ass…"
[Double K:] "Ain't got no beedis and shit…"
[Murs:] "Ay-yo, we shouldn't have left JazMak, though, I wanna know if he's alright…
[Double K:] "…Don't know if he made it…"
[Murs:] "Hey, Kaos, you're burning my bat! Gimme my bat wing! Yo, yo, chill. I wanna eat that shit, fool, I'm hella hungry!")

[Double K:] "Yo, can I ask one question, dude: where the fuck we at?
Niggas posted in a cave, now tarantulas and bats?
I wanna go back to the hood before I catch some kind of exotic disease
Please, somebody call the park ranger
I keep hearing sounds that get stranger and stranger, plus the sun's up
Yo, it's time we take a walk!"
[Murs:] "Hey, Kaos, if we don't find my beedis
I'mma have to pull your ass to the side, so we could have a talk
Plus, last night, I didn't get no rest, and that food that we ate?
Hella hard to digest. I think if we could reach the beach, that'd be best
'Cause then we could pull out a map to find out where the fuck we at
And maybe somebody could see us, so I say we head west."
[Thes One:] Now, walk and I walked, tripped over a walk
I'm dehydrated, sun slated, it's pole position on my back
Looking for a way back to sea from the land and sand and we could
Probably flag down a ship, skip off the continent and then get
Back in time for our show. "Double K, do you know
Where this fucking monkey's at? I want my beedi pack back, man!"
[Double K:] "Y'all niggas worrying about beedis?
Dude, I'm trying to be out, and I ain't fucking with that monkey.
He look like he had clout… but fuck it. I'm down. We can go
And hem him up, get the smoke back. He probably over there.
Hey, Murs, look in my backpack. Undadog left his loop water
In the little pocket. Right there." ([Murs:] "Right where?")
"Right there… yeah, in that little" ("This one?")
"Yeah, that little funky shit…"

[Murs:] "Oh, hell yeah. That's cool. Remember 'Red Dots', fool?"
I'm gonna used that black tube, but damn… what could I use
As the needle for injection? Upon my inspection, I found a thorn
Could perform the same task, so I hollowed that shit out
Connect it to the flask, now I'm looking for that bitch-ass monkey
'Cause I'm ready for his ass…"
[Thes One:] "Bitch ass… Yo, this shit's an ambush. Y'all push
A tree trunk in his way, throw some empty "A" Bus passes in the air
As a decoy, then you slay the beast and us B-Boys'll take back the beedis
Eight steps back, we need the assistance of K Boogie
([Double K:] "I'm right here!"), so if the plan of attack fails
Yo, give the monkey a noogie!"
[Double K:] "Hey, y'all shut up. I see his big ass right there
Lamping on a rock with his crew, I'mma go in front and play the bait
Y'all wait where you at, until you see him attack
Then, Murs, you come from the back, and get the Mangalores
Throw 'em to Thes, and then we'll flee… you got that?"
([Murs:] "Alright.") "Alright. C'mon, Thes, follow me. Let's go."
([Thes One:] "Okay.")
[Murs:] The plan's to the good…
Looking like that fool just hit 'em up with his hood, so I scream mental
Then I stabbed him in the back of the neck with the sherm
And beat his bitch-ass down…

([Murs:] "Where's my motherfuckin'… I want my motherfucking beedis pack… fuckin'…"
[Double K:] "Get that nigga… get 'em…"
[Murs:] "Stop spittin… Oh, shit, there go his homies!"
[Thes One:] "Oh fuck!"
[Murs:] "Hey, Thes, c'mon!"
[Double K:] "Let's book…"
[Murs:] "Hey, yo, fuck this… I ain't trying to fight no brothers…")

[Thes One:] Running like a nose through the bush, ripping my clothes
I pushed leaves, jumped in between trees, dip past banana plants
And sea breeze hit my face, salt-spray taste, jumped over the space
Between a rock and the sand, landed one hand down ("Oof!")
Look what I found! "Man, I thought you died
When the plane went down!" ("It's JazMak!!")
[Murs:] "Aw, man!" Tripped over Thes, fell right into the clear.
Oh, shit, it's JazMak! That fool hands me a beer
But fools is still coming up strong from the rear, and so he's like "Here."
Handing me the AK-47 with three clips
Aw, I bucked them niggas down like an Evil -D remix!
[Double K:] Ain't that a bitch? JazMak came back on a Hoovercraft
With some ladies from the island. "Yo…
You know what we just went through to be alive? We was striving!
Had to kick twelve monekys in they ass for the pink pack of smoke."
But at least we was rescued, and now we can leave
And get the fuck away from this damn place… "Y'all with me?
Shit, I gotta be at Boston Market in about five hours… let's be out."

[Double K:] Ocean got a motherfucking… shit…
[Thes One:] Gangsta ape?
[Murs:] … wandered from the Bronx. You know what happened last time…
[Thes One:] Some shepard pies…
[Double K:] Like… I don't know…
[Murs:] Man, fuck the primates, man…
[Double K:] Hey, let's go look from some marijuana plants, though.
[Murs:] I just wanna kill all…
[Double K:] You know where they got some marijuana plants 'round here?
[Murs:] Hey, killa?
[Double K:] I know they got some marijuana plants 'round here…
[Murs:] Gorilla killa! Killa… killa…
[Double K:] Bomb-ass marijuana.
[Thes One:] Sea-sick-ass monkeys…
[Double K:] Fuck that, man, I ain't going with y'all. Let me off the boat.
[Murs:] Man, I don't know if JazMak can drive this fucking… hovercraft… you know? That nigga don't know what he doing…
[Double K:] Let me off the boat… Ay, let me off the boat, I'm about to go try and find some plants.
[Murs:] Man, fuck that… You know… D.A.R.E.
[Double K:] Nigga… fuck that.
[Thes One:] Y'all learn how to swim
[Double K:] Alright, let's go back to the hood.
[Thes One:] Aight, peace.

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