Pass The 40

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Jamaican voice:] (?) rough (Cut!)… Land of mercy… land of mercy… land of mercy (Cut!)…
[Spoken sample:] Demonstrate!

[Double K:]
I used to sell mix tapes, now people put me on it
I'm rolling to the rhythm, some people they fall on it
I be rocking, people-clocking, the ladies they say I'm shocking
Bartender let me cut, man, I'm doing too much
Kicking the stimulator, "good time"-type of a rhyme
Refrigerator Perry cool style, I'm on the line
Never sweating, mic checking 'til my voice is clear
So all the party people hear me, y'all, far and near

[Thes One:]
Yeah, you could get with Chris, or you could get with Mike
Either way, the P display Frito-Lay, stay chip making
Traffic heat, watch my weight like skip bacon
Grown man sport, not made for Clay Aiken
Showrock shaking the house for grown tastes like miso
Your whole guestbook on MySpace, like "He's so fresh
We protest the dopest, they surpass the rap, lambast the hopeless"
The underground stuck in '93 is not fresh
Backpack and rhyme book's not a good look
Just leave it to the pros, twinkle-toes, or catch holes in a sheet
Like a ghost, writing all over my beat…

[Spoken sample, scratched:] Pass the 40 'cause my mama's not looking!

[Double K:]
Ha! Never Crip-walking, just spitting the hip talk
And I be flipping so much, they be calling me Tony Hawk
And like an ollie-fishtail, wheel-jump grab
The college rude filla with dopeness, man who wrote this?
Quote this in your essay, turn it in and begin
To get the props from all the honeys, your professors, and friends
People Under The stairwell, you know that we rocks well
The sheriff in your city want to throw us in jail
So I'm turning on my twin-reverb delay mic
Kick a rhyme so divine that it's dyn-o-mite
'Bout to blow up, so throw your favorite sign and just chill
The P, not your average, man, we all the way ill

[Thes One:]
Yup, and also like a ghost, we stay fly and still here
Haunting melodies, Cruz like Penelope's, better be ready
Artillery better be heavily loaded, locked, strapped up on the block
I'm just saying, you dudes busy playing with hip-hop
Sure, we make jokes, fundamentally respect this
I only expect some of you to even get this
If you don't, go and check yourself like a coat
Rewind, study two times on the quote
Like an LSAT or MCAT-educated rap dope
Studying it way back, Farmers Boulevard
It's on now, only got to keep the pot cooking
So pass the 40 'cause your mama ain't lookin!

[Spoken sample, scratched:] Pass the 40 'cause my mama's not looking!

[Spoken sample:]
[Man #1:] Hahahahahahaha… you know? Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo, shit, that was bullshit…
[Man #2:] Well, that was bullshit. Now, the next clip, I think you will enjoy it…

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