"O.S.T." Party Sampler

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample:] A few moment's break in the battle to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Time to rest, relax, rape, pillage, steal, loot, and so forth. During the course of this brief, but entertaining…
[Spoken sample:] Musical dope!
[Spoken sample:] … feel free to steal anything you want and anything you can get off this thing. Go ahead! You'll do it anyway, right? Well, now, you can do it with our blessing. Our whole purpose, of course, is to give you a free sample, so you'll feel the need, all the more, to shell out a few bucks, and get it all!

O.S.T. (Original Soundtrack) plays from 0:57 to 2:09 (Double K's verse)

The Double K Show plays from 0:00 to 1:20 (Thes One's verse)

[Spoken sample:] This is only a test…
[Spoken sample:] Musical dope! (x2)
[Terry Moss:] This is Terry Moss, just gleaming with pride, in our newest adventure…
[Thes One sample from "Intro":] "O.S.T."
[Terry Moss:] Another dazzling potpourri of production and the kind of things you and I need everyday, but too often just can't find anywhere. Like…
[Spoken sample:] Musical dope!
[Terry Moss:] It has something for everybody…

Acid Raindrops plays from 1:43 to 3:02 (Double K's verse & chorus)

The L.A. Song plays from 1:50 to 2:21 (Chorus & start of Thes' verse)

[Spoken sample:] You may call…
[Spoken sample:] … for Star Wars…

[Terry Moss:] Everything on the album is designed for use on the air by free minds and creative imaginations. Let's let Bob James loose on a couple…

The Joyride plays from 3:20 to 3:50 (Double K's ending shout-out)

The Dig plays from 0:00 to 0:42 (Opening & start of Thes' verse)

[Terry Moss:] And with "The Force", "Power To The People", "Livin' Together", "The Weekend", and a host of other dynamic shouts that cut easily to your existing jingles or to any of our promo…
[Spoken sample:] Musical dope!
[Terry Moss:] … and those hard-to-find electriconics? We've got 'em!

[Thes One sample from "Intro":] "O.S.T."
[Terry Moss:] What a package! Order it now at our blockbuster low price…

Jim Sr. plays from 0:21 to 0:46 ("Two dollars" to end of track)

The Outrage plays from 0:00 to 0:53 (Opening & start of Thes' verse)

[Thes One sample from "Intro":] "O.S.T."
[Terry Moss:] … is recorded with some of the West Coast's top professional talent. Using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, our discs are comparable to the best commercial albums available and are pressed with 100% virgin vinyl by a leading Los Angeles record manufacturer. Your satisfaction is fully assured with a 100% "money-back" guarantee, and your purchase may be charged to your Bank Americard, Visa card, or Mastercharge. Every album cut, including those you stole off this demo is yours to keep forever! Let's face it: you need…
[Spoken sample:] Musical dope!
[Terry Moss:] Get 'em today…

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