On & On

Written by: Michael Turner, Christopher Portugal & Kat Ouano

[Sung sample:] On (On and on and on and on) (repeated)

[Thes One:]
You gotta stand for something or fall for anything
So whatever you do, just do it well
Put your heart into it and do it, 'cause only time will tell
Hell, we try hard, but probably never be the best (yup)
But travel round the world, repping the West Coast
I overdose hip hop, complainer and a contributor
Blast from the past and a-booming from the future
This ain't no '93, mid-school, throwback rap style
Just present-day repping, only know-how
And timeless like an hourglass, sans sand
Thes ampersand Double K, there it is, damn!
It's really rather simple, but comparable to none
Haters stay away, it's made for people having fun
Like dads, sons, moms, uncles, and aunts, too
We're all becoming that as we look back, true
You should have seen them dance, dude, pumping at the wedding
Grown men in suits, doing the troop and sweating
I guess what I'm saying is way in we came up parlaying funk
Probably never change much, you could call it "double dutch"
You put in half, P'll put in double that, x plus 2x equals double hat
A simple equation, you'll probably never need a calculator
Shout to San Pedro, and I'm out… See you later!

[Sung sample:] On (On and on and on and on) (repeated)

[Double K:] (It goes on and on and on…)
At your service, it still is and always will be
The super-duper dynamic, better known as the P-fessional
They let us know, we give 'em something really special
So good, you can feel it, make a thief want to steal it
And give it to his loved one, make a couple club runs
Drop it to the DJ, save it on the replay
Let it play for three days straight with no chaser
And no commercial junk, it's that grown-man funk
It's that instant pump, the world traveling dose
We do the most when we bring it, and you can hear the kids sing it
On that "Oh shit, here comes another one, brother!"
Thes One and Double K, yo, there will never be another
We the rawest thing since America was discovered
When the Jacksons was brothers, and Snoop was going deep, covered
In the realness, feel this with both hands
One on the fader, one on the Technics spinner, watch for the splinters
'Cause its rough when you scratch it, the beat, you better catch it
'Til the break of dawn, and know the P goes…

[Sung sample:] On (On and on and on and on) (repeated)

[Double K:] On and on and on and on!
Thes One, he rocking on and on
The Big Double, man, I rock it on and on
Mid-City, y'all, rock on and on
And San Pedro, you rock on and on
The Bay Area, you rock on and on
New York City, y'all, rock on and on
Over in London, they rock on and on
And down South, y'all, you rock on and on
In Australia, you rocking on and on
In Crescent Heights, y'all… I say we on, y'all…
I say we… in Japan…
[Thes One:] Ah ha ha!
[Double K:] You know you on, y'all…
[Thes One:] Mike…
[Double K:] Yo… Ay-yo, Thes One, man… Are you on? Okay. I'm on, too… Matter of fact, I'm on one… ha!

[Double K:] Peace. It's the… (repeats)

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