Nobody Cares

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Sung sample:] This town is crazy... nobody cares... (x4)

[Thes One:]
Gentrification, smog, and despair
Weighs heavy in the air like the barking dogs that don't cease
The lease says "up", we're out
Inland Empire-bound, soulless, in doubt
It's the ghost town of downtown
'Round here, things are so safe
I'm so scared, paired with useless
Can he afford Whole Foods? He's fruitless
The newness of it all, renters down the hall
The movie script they shop, the Jack Russells they walk
They're friendly, but cautious; their door stays locked
Graffiti on the palm trees, blocks, and walls
Strippers in strip malls, human dolls
Where we tear down everything we've made
Let it parade in memories
Elementaries look like penitentiaries
What can I say? Just another sunny day in the city of L.A.

[Sung sample:] This town is crazy... nobody cares... (x2)

[Double K:]
L.A., L.A., big city of botox
Hollywood dreams that rip apart from the seams
And ain't all that it seems when you look from afar
You're judged by your wardrobe and the make of your car
Instead of role models, you can get the new model
Old folks bettin' their whole life, playing the lotto
"Get it or get got" seems to be the motto
Street cats prey on the weak, the young play macho
On that Balboa tip, whether blood or crip
Google a map of the sets before you plan your trip
Los Angeles, the G capitol of the nation
Come here on vacation, leave on probation
Budget cuts, they take it from education
So instead of summer school, kids playin' the pool
We could party and pop junk, go out and chill
But I'm concerned about my city, it's looking rather ill

[Sung sample:] This town is crazy... nobody cares... (x4)

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